What Is Hospitality Industry? Common Practices, Details, and Trends

Did you know that the global hotel sector of the hospitality industry has a value of over $1 trillion? That makes it the 15th largest industry worldwide.

But what is the hospitality industry exactly? Is it limited to just hotels and resorts? What are current hospitality trends?

The following guide will define the hospitality industry. It will also fill you in about where hospitality is heading. Read on to learn about trends in the hospitality industry to grow your business.

What Is the Hospitality Industry?

First of all, hospitality is the act of making someone feel welcomed. The hospitality industry is broad just like that definition. Hotels and resorts fall into the lodging sector of the industry but that’s only one component.

Entertainment and recreation is another important sector. It includes things like sporting events, concerts, and performances. Museums and theme parks are also examples of businesses in this category.

Food and beverage is the biggest sector of the hospitality industry. It includes businesses like restaurants, bars, fast food, and coffee shops.

Travel and tourism is the fourth sector. The sector provides transportation for travelers. It includes hospitality industry jobs like travel agents and uber drivers. Airlines and public transportation are other examples of the sector.

Healthy Options

Consumers are seeking healthier food and drink options. The industry has taken notice and restaurants and hotels are updating their menus. They often include gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and other healthy options.

Resorts, hotels, and cruise ships that have gyms are other good examples of these hospitality trends. Some establishments even provide air purification for their customers.


Customers are also concerned with environmental issues so businesses must adjust accordingly. Eco-friendly practices ensure the customer that your business is ethical.

Many hotels are using smart light bulbs and heating systems to conserve energy. They might also use sustainable materials for items like towels and sheets.

Hygiene and Safety

Some big safety and hygiene trends have emerged since 2020. They include providing hand sanitizer, enhanced cleaning, mask policies, and social distancing rules.

Another huge hospitality hygiene trend is contactless payments. It also saves customers time on transactions. It’s also safer for employees because they don’t have to handle money.

Tech Trends

It’s important to stay updated on tech trends to keep up with competitors. Many businesses have started incorporating the use of robotics. They’ve also been taking advantage of improved artificial intelligence technology.

For example, chatbots help answer customers’ questions and reduce wait times. Some businesses have even used robots to greet customers which sets a very modern tone.

Virtual tours have grown in popularity. They help customers select lodging before booking their stay. Some hotels have even started implementing smart connectivity and augmented reality.

Understanding Hospitality

So, what is the hospitality industry? It’s making guests feel entertained and comfortable. Trends like convenience, health, safety, and technology are always evolving within the industry.

Remember this guide to keep your customers feeling welcomed and coming back. Check out the rest of our blog for more helpful business tips.