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How hard is it to pet a Bengal Cat?

Bengal cats are not common among cat lovers and hence it will be justified to mention that they are considered a new breed when it comes to pet cats. Most people have just heard about the breed but have not been able to take a step forward to domesticating it. 

Well, no wonder they look furious and therefore before you bring them in your home full of other pets and kids, you must be aware of the general characteristics of the Bengal cat breeds. Besides, since the price of these breeds isn’t any less than other exotic breeds, you must not take a chance. Learning is a necessity, and understanding about their true nature is a must. 

Facts about Bengal Cats: 

Even when the name sounds more like a tiger, it isn’t one. You can stay assured that they have a very exotic look that looks like a mini version of the wild cat. However, it won’t behave as the wild cats or tigers do, but they won’t be as calm as other breeds as well. 

However, since Bengal cat price in India are higher, it is necessary for you to know some facts. This will help you to keep informed. 

  • They are immensely talented
  • They are superiorly active
  • They have a demanding nature
  • They are vocal
  • They are loyal in nature
  • They are loving
  • They have a predatory behavior

They have wild roots: 

There is no doubt that the Bengal cats look premiere exotic in nature. There is a reason behind this as well. 

In the 1800s, these cats were first seen after the domestic cat was bred with the Asian leopard cat. In 1980, it was Mill to perfect the hybrid which made Bengal cats become one of the most popular domestic cats and a temperament that can match. 

They are a water-loving feline: 

One of the most significant characteristics of Bengal cats is their immense love for water. You will find that this breed is drawn to water. 

You might find it surprising when you see that your Bengal cats keep following you to the pool. They love taking a bath. Besides, this breed loves to bring from the tap, goofing off and swimming in water when they are offered a chance. However, keep a practice expectation about the Bengal cat price. 

Glitter Like Effect: 

One of the most unique aspects of the Bengal cat is the sheen that can be observed in the fur coat. Besides, the silky feel of the coat adds to the appearance. 

They are available in a range of patterns like marble coated or spotted. You will find the spots running from the sides and on top of their body. Some Bengal cats have two colors which are known as rosette as these are found on Jaguar. You will find the symmetrical stripes to run throughout their body including their tail and legs. 

While not all Bengal cat breeds have the glitter sheen on their fur but many have. They are someone to have the spotlight. Bottom line: No wonder Bengal cats are one of the most demanding breeds that come with expensive price tags. Therefore before you wish to pay the Bengal cat price, make sure you check their basic traits.


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