June 25, 2024

What’s the Size of Backpack for Kindergarten

Before you know it, your tiny one is a big kid ready for kindergarten. Leaving school on the first day of school creates a lot of emotion, but worrying about your small spine should not be one of them. Here’s how to decide what size clear backpacks for boys should wear while going to school.

How to measure your baby to get the right backpack size

Backpacks all sizes aren’t for everyone, and that’s fine. Because our youngest people come in a variety of shapes and sizes to find the best backpack for your nursery, you need to determine their torso size in two simple steps.

1. Measure the height of the child’s back

The easiest way to measure your baby’s back height is to measure it from the base of his neck. Let the baby stand upright and bend the baby over his chest. Measure the waist circumference, which should be level with the navel.

2. Measure the width of the child’s back

The width of your baby’s back is a measurement from the edge of the shoulder blade to the edge of the shoulder blade, as shown in the picture. It does not include your child’s hands. Instead, some people choose to measure from one side to the other.

Standard backpack sizes for kindergarten children

Because our target audience is a certain age group and children still grow throughout the school year, many parents would prefer to go with a standard-sized kindergarten backpack. If you are already shopping and your child is not nearby, follow the helpful guide below.

Different Sizes of Backpacks

Big Size Backpacks

Larger backpacks are usually chosen by high school and high school students. Thanks to several activities, sports, after-school activities and part-time work, teenagers carry all their lives on their backs. At this age, it is especially important to buy a backpack with high-quality shoulder straps and a comfortable fit.

Medium Size Backpacks 

This is probably the most common backpack size sold to elementary school children. A medium backpack is perfect for students who need to bring all their daily necessities and possibly a laptop or two textbooks.

Small Size Backpacks

Usually, you want to make sure that your child’s kindergarten backpack is large enough to hold a standard-sized folder for carrying everyday documents and communications at home. The backpack will also be large enough to hold a lunch box and some books, and comfortable enough to carry around for a long time.


Choosing clear backpacks for boys is an exciting part of starting school. Just be sure to follow our guide above to make sure you have a properly fitted backpack that will give your child confidence and comfort.

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