June 25, 2024

Tibetan Mastiff Price in India, Life Span, Appearance

If you are a dog lover and you are looking for the Tibetan Mastiff Price in India, you will find many breeders offering it from Rs 50,000 to 1 lakhs. However, since these are exotic breeds, there is always a need to make the right choice. This is a smart and strong breed that is very independent in nature. They can be in between willful to obedient nature depending on their mood. However, before we go into its details, let us have a free look at the details. 

Height24 to 26 inches
Weight 70 to 150 pounds
Life span10 to 12 years
Great withFamilies and dogs
Intelligent levelHigh
Coat Long

The adorable and fuzzy Tibetan mastiff is one with the higher determination, strong, and sizable dogs that resemble that of the lions and bears in Tibet. However, the history of this particular breed remains a mystery, but this much is known that the breed is used for defending palaces, monasteries, and herds in the Himalayas. The breed is known as the ancestor of the modern breed of mastiff. 

Due to the selective breeding made by different breeders, it has resulted in losing some of the original traits of the mastiff. However, this has resulted in introducing new colors along with offering improved mass to it. The willful and intelligent breed can easily learn new skills with ease; however, there is a need for it to be in its best mood. 

Tibetan Mastiff Price in India

You can easily adopt or buy Tibetan Mastiff dog from many breeders in India. Tibetan Mastiff price in India varies from Rs 50,000 to 1 lakhs.

Tibetan Mastiff Appearance

One of the most promising features of the Tibetan mastiff is its massive stature and lion-like mane. They are huge in size as the full-grown female breed can grow up to 24 inches and more, and the males would grow up to 26 inches. As mentioned, their weight is around 70 to 120 in females and makes around 90 to 150 pounds. 

They have a very thick double coat available in a range of colors like gold, red, blue-grey, brown, and black. Some of the time, you might find them having a mark around the muzzle, eyes, legs, tail, and they have a variety of colors. 

The outer layer of their coat is very thick in maturity and coarse however the intertexture feels as soft as the wool. You must keep in mind that the Tibetan mastiff would need a little bit of grooming except when they are in their shedding season. This is the time of the year when you will find them shedding hairs everywhere. 

The tail looks similar to that of the mane, and the curl arches on the dog’s back add to its impeccable appearance. They appear to be very serious and have deep-set eyes, which can easily intimidate anyone. 

Tibetan Mastiff Temperament

Tibetan mastiff can be one of the best choices for owners who have experience in dog training and can keep their patience. They can be described as aloof species with a high will, independent in nature, and known to be extremely intelligent and gigantic species. They are the ones to take their job very seriously and hence if you serve them the task of taking care of your people and property, they are quite obedient in their respective jobs. 

No doubt that you will need to offer proper lessons for being obedient for all the breeds, but they are one of those breeds who will do what they want to do. Being very independent in nature, you might witness them ignoring some of the commands that you want them to listen to. However, this is the reason why you have to be very patient with them. 

You might find them too affectionate like other species; they also don’t care if they are getting the attention or not. They are very loyal and can live easily with other animals that you have in your house. They are definitely a great family dog breed in India

Tibetan Mastiff Living Requirements

You need to make sure that you give them a yard where they can roam around and protect their alone time. As mentioned being a highly intelligent breed, you should know that they can escape very easily. You will find them opening doors like a human as they are a great observer. They are very clever in their actions, and thus you need to keep an eye on their actions. 

The Tibetan mastiff price is on the higher side as they can range from 50k to 1 lakhs and even to crores. Thus, if you are ready to pay such a high price and can maintain this breed, you can get one for yourself. Keep in mind that they need perfect grooming. 

Bottom Line

If you are willing to buy the breed, you must check with the top breeders offering Tibetan mastiff. No doubt that the Tibetan mastiff price in India is on the expensive side, and therefore you should make sure that you are getting the best. 

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