3 Best Tools for Data Science Training

We are currently living in the age of big data. But big data itself comes under the umbrella of data science which happens to be a very vast subject. In fact, data science is one of the fastest growing schools of modern technology in the current times. Having said that, this article is aimed to provide a brief overview of the different tools of data science. It focuses on three of them. The first tool described here is tableau with a special focus on tableau training in Malaysia. The second tool is sas and the final tool is excel.

3 Best Data Science Tools for Training


It is one of the most popular tools of data science. In one word, it can be described as a data visualization software. It enables us to map huge chunks of data into perfectly comprehensive images. It makes use of the latitude and longitude or in other words, it derives the information from the coordinates of images or data that is surveyed. Usually, we make use of the spatial data and put it to further analysis and derive crisp knowledge. To put the above statement into application, we may consider the mapping of various districts and airports. The functionality of tableau allows us to automatically map these places.

Having introduced the reader to the basics of tableau, we may now take a bit of interest in tableau training. Though tableau is easy to use, but it is always advisable to go for a proper training course to get acquainted with all of its features. To serve the purpose, various institutions are coming up which are providing training in tableau. For instance, tableau training in Malaysia is being provided at a very less cost. This is attracting a large number of people to make use of its features.

SAS (Statistical Analysis System)

SAS stands for statistical analysis system. As the name describes, it is used primarily for statistical analysis, purposes and related tasks. SAS finds applications in business and data management. It is a good tool of business intelligence and analytics. It is also used for multivariate analysis.

One of the leading applications of SAS in the current times is in the criminal investigation process. In criminal investigation process, SAS helps in mining out and analyzing the minutest details to keep track of criminal activities.

Microsoft Excel

Though excel is a relatively traditional tool, it still serves a great purpose for data scientists. The applications range from arranging vast information in a systematic format to execution of various computations.

Concluding remarks and future prospects

The tools of data science are growing in number as this field continues to expand its wings and diversify its applications. The need of the hour is to get acquainted with various other tools of this field so that vast chunks of data are not only analysed but properly visualized and understood as well.