Elite Wholesalers – An Upgrade To Your Security Systems!

Ever wondered what humans should be grateful for but aren’t? It’s the technology we make optimum use of. Over a century ago, nobody could ever think of a CCTV camera that would help minimise thefts in town, or an alarm system that prevents mishaps to occur. Yet, technology showed its charm over the years and made such unimaginable things possible. Well, this is why the team of Elite Wholesalers celebrates technology by being a leading stockist, distributor, and supplier of products that add value to your life.

Take a moment to admire the vision of Elite Wholesalers. The firm offers high quality security products that give you a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind. Dealing in a variety of products, the firm feels proud to stock, distribute, and supply products that never fail to add value in people’s lives.

Our Esteemed Products

We deal in Milesight IP and PTZ CCTV, Ring Cameras and Doorbells, Bosch Intrusion Alarm System, VingCard Hotel Locking System, Intercom Systems, Access Control and HPM & Legrand Electrical Components, Home Automation, Nurse Call & Accessories. The vast variety of products we offer make Elite Wholesalers is a one- stop shop for anyone seeking a distribution of high quality products.

What makes Elite Wholesalers better than others offering similar products in the market is that it believes in offering nothing less than excellence. For instance, its IP CCTV cameras are par excellence. Firstly, the most obvious advantage of an IP CCTV is that it offers superior image quality. The Milesight IP and the PTZ CCTV cameras that we offer give you crystal clear image quality. 

Another aspect which makes IP cameras favourable is that it covers a wider area. Gone are the days when people had to implant four or five low resolution cameras to cover a wide area. These days, distributors like Elite Wholesalers are stocking, distributing, and supplying IP cameras that offer crystal clear quality in a much wider area. What caused the IP cameras to gain much popularity is that their systems have excellent playback and search functionalities. Furthermore, IP systems provide superior expansion and wireless options. This means that an IP Camera can be wired with lesser wiring, as compared to an analog system. What’s even more astonishing to know is that such IP security cameras can be integrated with a wireless network, thereby allowing unlimited expansion. Lastly, it won’t be wrong to say that IP cameras are the future of CCTV. The world of CCTVs is witnessing a revolution; CCTV owners are dumping their traditional cameras to switch to IP CCTVs. We are a part of a high resolution world. In a few years, IP CCTVs are soon going to be a standard definition for CCTV installation. The upcoming advancements in IP cameras are examples of how beautifully the technology of IP is conquering the markets of CCTV. The team of Elite Wholesalers feels proud to be a part of the chain and offers excellent quality IP cameras.

What Makes Us Different From The Crowd?

We are known for taking pride in the services we deliver. We offer high standard, old school real services. Almost all of our customers have admired our on and off site tech support. This tech support is handled by trained and experienced experts. Our experts are people who have been serving this industry for over three decades. This makes them a highly experienced, and reliable team. Moreover, we are also capable of providing a turn key solution. We have a huge local stock and a myriad of international manufacturers to draw from.

Ever since we started the company in 1999, we have  pledged to offer the best of products for stocking, distribution, and supply. Our excellent products and services have been instrumental to gain the valuable trust of our clients over all these years.

Why Dial Our Number?

As a leading stockist, distributor and wholesaler, we proffer high end products that meet the industry standards. Our products range from IP CCTV Cameras to doorbells to alarm systems. We believe in satisfying our customers through the trendiest and smartest of products. All of our esteemed products like security cameras, doorbells, intercom systems, and others are tested, reviewed, and have delighted customers for decades. Furthermore, we feel immensely elated to connect with people who wish to shake hands with us, and thus put in our best to answer all your queries.


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