Best Place to Install CCTV Cameras in Office

CCTV Cameras become important part of any business security plan. They are necessary to deter theft by employees as well as customers, time wasting behavior and also helpful to identify suspects in the case of burglary.  But to identify all this, the most important thing is camera placement without that purpose of CCTV Camera can’t fulfill. To choose right place where to fix CCTV Camera is key plan because if you have pointed camera at wrong place you can’t get desired results. CCTV Cameras in Pakistan is also very affordable so cameras and monitors enable you to view events live, and recorders archive footage for later reference. CCTV Camera price in Lahore is very economical now days due to CCTV cameras.

Places to install CCTV Cameras

  1. Main Gate or Entry Point

Entry point of the office and building is the point where anyone stay for a while to open the door and this is the time when you can capture the face. The image and video taken from this point is more important to identify the person so a CCTV Camera must be installed at this point. Moreover it will not just tell you that who is enter and exit from building and office but also give and secure impression on clients.

  • Reception or Counter

Reception is the second important place where anyone stay so its called second best place to capture the clear image of visitors. If you find any visitor suspicious at this point, you can call security or police immediately. So we can say that the reception area is highly trafficked and it should be covered by security camera.

  • Cash Counter

If we look at the crime scene happening worldwide, the main target of the theft is cash counter. It is most important to secure this place with high security plan in which CCTV Cameras plays an important role with their advance feature like motion detection.  Motion detection is specified cameras which can give you alert when someone come in front of camera. For example you select a motion detection camera and place it on main gate you can set timing in DVR setting as well like at night you can on the motion detector sensor and if someone try to cross your cash counter, it gives a beep and make you alert. Moreover if you are not at home so it gives you an alarming message on mobile and you can check on mobile that who want to enter and call police immediately.

  • Staff Room/Working Area

CCTV Camera is an unblinking eye on your staff and workers to watch and monitor them. When they know that a CCTV Camera is on their roof look at them, then fraud, dishonesty, employee’s disputes, blame game and laziness in work going to en end and their working abilities and faithfulness with work will start.  Moreover CCTV Cameras help you to recognize the entry of unauthorized people in working place.  CCTV Cameras is the best solution for the boss to monitor his worker not only from office but from anywhere he can check through online on his mobile.

  • Point of Sale

To install camera at the sale counter will not only discourage customers from stealing but also employees to be active. At this point, before installing the camera point very carefully that exact on which angel a camera should place so it can capture the customer clearly and what should be the height of camera because if the camera placed higher, you will get nothing more than the top of customer’s head which is not helpful to identifying any suspicious person.

  • Warehouse

Warehouse is very important place because you put all stock over there so it can be a hotspot for theft not only from outsider thief but you has to secure it from it your employees also. In this scenario, CCTV Camera become your eye and captures everything and keeps you alert of any suspicious activity.

  • Parking Area

Parking area of your office and building should be secured with 4 CCTV Cameras. The main important thing to understand at this point is that in that area the CCTV Cameras resolution and pixels must be sharp, wide range, long distance view and color night view required. Moreover the placement of CCTV Camera at this area is also chosen carefully like at the entry gate when vehicle stop for seconds due to road blocker, place a camera down at the height that it can read vehicle number plate so in case of any emergency, you will be able to trace number and find the thief.