SEO and SMM: What Works in 2022?

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing are both important aspects of digital marketing. If you’re thinking of establishing a credible identity and reaching a broader audience online, you need these working well for you. Some of the best teams for SMM and SEO Dubai offers are working with top firms and websites that are reaching the top. One has to wonder about what trends they’re following that you’re not.

Essentially, everything keeps getting updated in the world of digital marketing. Therefore, you need to keep up with all of them in order to work well. Let’s take a look at both of these domains in detail:

SEO Latest Trends:

The recent BERT update of Google’s algorithms has made it impossible for those who used tactics of 2018-19 to rank. Focusing primarily on user experience and engagement, your website will need to be very interactive in order to rank in 2022. Here are a few things you can follow to achieve that:


It would do you good not to underestimate the importance of informative content on your website. Especially in 2022, since Google now ranks only those websites that completely fulfil the search intent of the users, i.e. informational, transactional, etc. Not only does your content need to be unique, but it also needs to provide everything a user needs in order to be deemed relevant.

Website Structure and Design:

As mentioned above, the engagement level that your website has will determine how well it performs in terms of retaining traffic. That is why you need to ensure that your website has a great structure and design. Without these to entertain the user and make them stay, you can be sure that the bounce rate will reflect badly on your rankings.

Try using the various tools people are using these days to engage with incoming visitors. AI chatbots are trending these days. That’s because they not only engage with the visitor but because they also sometimes encourage potential leads into sales.

Voice Search Optimization:

The difference between normal typed searches and voice searches is simple. People type specific keywords while they can speak out grammatically correct and long-tail questions and keywords. Before, you had to make sure that your website was optimized for smartphones. Now, you need to make sure that you’re optimizing your website for voice searches as well. This can be done by analyzing user searches and researching long-tail keywords that are mostly used in voice searches.

Moreover, if you do it quickly, you might not get a lot of competition for certain long-tail keywords that other people might not be targeting right now.

SMM Latest Trends:

The world of social media has never stopped since its inception. Constant evolution with the help of massive incoming data and AI has enabled platforms to adapt and evolve. Now, social media is all about who can gather and retain the most attention. That’s why you should take a look at the trending tactics on the online platforms:

Video Content is Necessary:

From stories to the Facebook Watch and IGTV, you can be sure that unless you’re producing quality video content, you won’t be famous. A lot of people who don’t even produce their own content can redesign preexisting content to get attention and views. However, certain rules and guidelines like copyrights and reservations are imperative to follow.

Although if you wish to become credible and trustworthy on social media, it is recommended that you come up with original and unique content. You might have to start off with paid boosting and reach and impressions-oriented campaigns. Gradually, you can rise to the top.

Audience Targeting:

Targeting is getting more and more enhanced and you need to keep up with the advanced mechanisms. The only way to get comfortable with the operation is to keep trying and researching. Social media is not just a platform to entertain. Smart businesses of all niches can locate potential target audiences in specific groups and pages.

Platform Filtering:

Not all platforms work for all audiences. You need to be specific about which platform you’re targeting. This is something that is determined by the type of audience you’re targeting. For example, millennials are found using Facebook more while Gen Z and the youth below the ages of 20 are more prone to use platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram. Therefore, figure out different ways to target different audiences. As various Facebook, Tik Tock and Instagram strategies vary from each other, the ideal case would be to identify your audience first.