Is Wireless Technology Harmful to Our Health?

There’s a large push to be more health-conscious these days, and it’s causing people to be more active and more careful about what they eat. But are those people thinking about their use of wireless technology as they try to prevent declines in health?

We live in a culture where we spend several hours a day on our cell phones alone. We can’t seem to survive without WiFi and other forms of wireless technology. But there are claims that the overuse of this technology could be significantly harmful to our health.

Are these claims true? Here is your guide to understanding how wireless technology impacts our health?

Is Wireless Technology Harmful to Our Health?

There’s a lot of discussion and disagreement over whether or not wireless technology is actually harmful to our health. People often ask questions like “Does WiFi cause cancer?” or “Do electromagnetic frequency (EMF) waves from cell phones cause cancer?”

Is WiFi harmful to our health? While studies in the 1980s and early 1990s suggested that certain career fields had a higher chance of developing cancer due to exposure to EMF waves, those studies focused more on job titles than actual exposure. More recent studies are not showing a strong correlation between wireless technology exposure and cancer development.

There’s not enough evidence to definitively say that WiFi and EMF waves can cause cancer. However, that doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t be cautious.

How Wireless Technology Affects the Human Body

While WiFi may not cause cancer, it does cause oxidative stress by increasing the production of free radicals. This has been known to cause damage to cellular macromolecules such as proteins, lipids, and DNA.

Studies on humans and animals have shown a connection between increased EMF exposure and reproductive health. Males in particular can see a decrease in their sperm count due to oxidative stress and increased temperatures. And regarding women, WiFi can decrease estrogen exposure and increase chromosomal mutations that cause spontaneous abortion.

For reasons like this, it is good to be careful regarding WiFi and EMF waves. EMF clothing can be helpful in this regard, as it helps shield the body against overwhelming EMF waves.

While the science on this matter is up in the air and debated, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise caution. Be it EMF clothing or cutting down on too much use of wireless technology, don’t put your health at risk when there’s still research to be done on this matter.

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Now that you know some more information regarding wireless technology and how it relates to health, you can start taking precautions to protect your well-being. The science may be debated, but there’s enough evidence to warrant some level of caution.

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