Should Commercial Cleaning Be Before or After Company Holiday Parties?

Christmas time is almost here, which means that many businesses will have their end-of-year holiday parties. For some, it’s a joyous occasion, marked by memories and laughs.

However, planning for the day can create an overwhelming amount of stress. There’s even more to do this year to ensure your environment is Covid-19 friendly.

That’s why you should hire a professional cleaning company before and after your office party. Continue reading to see how these services can help you enjoy your holidays with little stress.

Pre-Party Clean Up

Although some employees have been working from home with occasional in-person meetups, the party might be the first time everyone is on-site. There are a few areas that you should clean before their arrival, such as:

  • Bathrooms
  • Countertops
  • Tables and chairs
  • Floors

Office space can be relatively big depending on your company, creating time management challenges. But if you hire a commercial cleaning business, they can take care of those tasks for you.

With their expertise, they can handle the challenging assignments that would usually take away from party preparation. All you have to do is focus on being a good host for your employees.

Cleaning After the Party

Once the party is over, your work isn’t done. Besides the general clean-up of cups, utensils, and plates, thorough cleaning of your office space is necessary.

There are various tasks you’ll need to complete, such as:

  • Emptying your garbage bins
  • Clean sinks, refrigerator, and other areas used for food handling
  • Sanitize your bathroom

Although these are a few tasks you’ll need to endure, who wants to clean after hosting a party? Yes, you can divvy up the assignments among employees, but that may ruin the holiday spirit.

Why don’t you hire a cleaning service instead? They can come in after the party is over and use special cleaning materials for the job.

As a host, you’ll only need to worry about the service’s cost and ensure employees have a pristine work environment upon return.

How Much Do Cleaning Services Cost?

If you’re ready to get your office professionally cleaned, it won’t cost too much. On average, expect to pay between $200 and $1000.

The cost of professional cleaning services depends on a few factors, such as:

  • Cleaning frequency
  • Office size
  • Type of business

Some services may provide an additional charge for extra services offered. So ensure to enquire about what’s in the package before deciding.

Google search “professional cleaning near me” to find a good company. Comb through reviews from past clients to see what they say about that business’s prices and service.

Cleaning Companies Will Remove the Stress from Holiday Parties

Hosting holiday parties means you need to be prepared for clean-up before and afterward. However, hiring a commercial cleaning company can remove that stress, and you can focus on enjoying your event.

We hope you have a wonderful time throughout the holidays. But if you need some more suggestions on limiting stress this time of year, visit our blog for more insight.