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If you are planning to bring home a pet, from the wide number of choices of breeds available in the market, beagles can be a good choice for you. Especially if you are a first-timer into adopting a pet, beagles can be your absolute great partner at your home. As you have to keep a lot of things in mind when you are choosing a pet, you must know that having a beagle at your place would not make any difference as you had before bringing a pet. 

These are the furry companions who have a great temperament which makes them a good choice for your home. Besides being available in many and easy to maintain, you can bring a beagle to your home. You must be aware that the beagle price in India is reasonable enough for you to bring one home. However, be aware of the breeders before you choose one. 

Beagle Price in India

Beagle Price in India starts from Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000 in Indian Rupees. Buying Beagle Puppy in India is very easy and you can easily find this dog breed in India. You can adopt or buy Beagle dogs in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Kerala, Kolkata, Chennai and other major cities mainly depend upon the breeders and availability.

So here we will look at some of the most common reasons that beagles are a great choice for you. 

They remain happy: 

You definitely have noticed that someone’s dog is snapping at other dogs or becoming food aggressive. This is common; however, the same is not with beagles. This is one of those rare breeds that remains cuddly, upbeat, and happy almost every time. You will never find them snapping at other dogs like any other breed. 

You will always see them moving around you, looking for ways to cuddle and coming close to you to play. They love to stay happy and keep everyone happy around them. This is the reason why beagles are considered great family dogs. 

Beagles love to spend time cuddling: 

This is very true that Beagle love to cuddle – all the time, literally. They would love to be around their members and would accompany you in your bed. They would find a reason to snuggle inside you so that you can cuddle them. They have a very tender and adorable nature that makes them a comfortable and social pet that everyone can witness. 

They will never fail to find the time when they can easily sit in your lap. They crave your attention and affection. They are definitely a great choice for your family. However, you must know that separation can cause anxiety and make them irritated. 

They are a package of personality:

Bagels are definitely one of those rare species that has a great personality – quite a diverse one. Even in the slightest things that they do would make you laugh. The best and most adorable part is that you will find it extremely challenging to stay strict towards them. With their bouncy paws, floppy ears, and brown eyes, they never fail to impress anyone. 

The only thing that beagles want is humans. They love to be around humans. Even when they are in their worst mood, they will be very much in touch with their owners. They would casually love to spend some of the best times with everyone coming into the home. 

They are intelligent: 

One of the most common features of beagles is their curious nature. There is no doubt that they are intelligent species with a researcher in mind. If you have a 2 year old baby who has a lot of inquisitiveness, you will be able to understand beagles. They have a similar level of questions in their mind, and they are always excited to learn new things. 

Beagles are very smart to try something new. If they keep observing you doing things over and over again, very soon, they will start doing it on their own. The way they track is simply exceptional. The cognitive abilities and stubbornness of the beagles make it a need for the owners to stay attentive towards them. 

They are a great family dog: 

They have a loyal and cheerful attitude which makes them a great choice for the owners. The playful and loving temperament of beagles makes them a valuable choice. Another great reason which makes them a great family dog is their size, medium coat, and can be trained. You can stay assured that your kids are safe if there is a beagle in the house. 

Since they are affectionate to other humans, they can be a good house. However, leaving them alone at your house is a great choice as it can make them depressed and irritated. 

Bottom Line:

So, these are some of the most common reasons why you can choose a beagle. Whether this is the first time you are bringing a pet to your home or maybe an experienced one, beagles are always a great choice to have in your home. Since beagle price in India are affordable, you can bring one to your home if you want a family dog. 

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