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Most Common Questions Asked by the Persian Cat Buyers

If you are thinking about bringing a Persian cat home, then it is undoubtedly a great choice. They are not only a great companion, but also their looks and nature make them one of the best choices for families. However, since these days there are many breeders available in the market, one needs to be very much vigilant while buying. 

Well, this is the reason why buyers have become more and more skeptical before buying. They have a list of questions that they come up with, which makes it a challenge for many. However, if you are here to get information about a Persian cat, then you have landed on the right page. Here we will focus on the most common queries of buyers who are buying a Persian cat.

Why is the Persian cat price in India so high?

This is probably one of the most common queries asked by the buyers. There is no doubt that the Persian cat price in India is always on the higher side because of a range of reasons. Not only are they exotic breeds, but it takes a lot of effort to maintain one such breed. 

Since the breeder needs to give a healthy lifestyle to the parents, they mostly come with more price tags. Beyond all of these, you must know that the demand for Persian cats is always higher, which is another prevalent reason for the high price of a Persian cat. 

If you want to look for one such reliable Persian cat breeder, then Mummy Cat is the safest name. They can give you a pure Persian cat breed at the most competitive rate in India. You can directly get in touch with them. 

How much grooming do I need to do?

When you are choosing a Persian cat, you must know that they are the furry breed. They have two coats of fur, which make them look fluffy and give them a look that makes them stay in demand. This is again another most common reason why they need proper grooming. 

Persian cats need to be groomed every week. Not only do you need to trim their nails or comb their hair, but also you have to wash the eye area. Since they have a very unusual face shape, if you ignore taking good care, they will face infections. 

No doubt that you have to spend a good amount on grooming. However, if you wish you can do it at home. This will need you to have the knowledge and the right equipment which breeders like Mummy Cat can give you. They can offer you the information that you need. 

Can they manage with kids and other animals? 

One of the best things about a Persian cat breed is its nature. This is one of those breeds that can easily manage with other breeds. They are less likely to create any issues for others. Besides being kid-friendly, they are the best choices for the people who have kids in their house. 

However, you have to make sure that you are maintaining their hygiene. Since they have the tendency to mat, you have to keep them groomed and clean. 

So, if you are stressed about being friendly with others, then you can stay happy as they are great pets. 

Do they need exercise? 

Yes! You must know that Persian cats are very lazy in nature. They can spend half of their lives on the couch, and thus they are likely to get different kinds of health issues. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are making them do ample exercise to offer a healthy lifestyle. 
So these are some of the major things about a Persian cat breed that you would want to know. Mummy Cat is one of those breeders who can offer you the detailed information. Call them to find the best cat at the best price.


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