Should You Use VoIP for Business Phone Systems?

Did you know that 60% of companies don’t have a long-term strategy for their internal communications? For businesses with remote employees, this is a terrifying statistic.

Internal communications of any kind need to be planned to benefit the entire business. Internal communication affects how your employees communicate with clients as well.

To help both internal and external communication, businesses can implement a VoIP phone system. Keep reading to learn the benefits of VoIP for business.

Low Cost

Compared to a landline phone system, VoIP for business is less costly for all of the benefits that it offers. VoIP can lower your phone bill by more than half in some cases.

However, the shift to VoIP won’t guarantee that your business expenses will drastically go down. The costs will depend on your specific business and its needs.

With VoIP, you’ll experience direct and indirect cost savings. You can learn more about the differences between VoIP and landline services now.


Accessibility is one of the best benefits of VoIP because you can make calls from anywhere with a cloud-based VoIP. With a decent data connection, you can receive and make business calls.

If you are unable to take a call, you can direct the call to another representative or get voicemails emailed directly to you. You’ll have the ability to take your business phone with you through a simple softphone app.

Remote access allows your business to be more flexible. Remote employees can stay productive in any location.


A VoIP business phone uses a virtual number meaning you can use the same number wherever you go. Accessibility and portability go hand in hand and are great for businesses that spend a lot of time traveling.

If your business changes its address, you’ll have the same VoIP number to avoid confusion with customers.


Small business VoIP brings scalability to the table, an attractive proposition for growing businesses. This tool is scalable because your business won’t have to purchase expensive hardware or dedicated lines.

In any scenario, you’ll be able to change your preferences without having to purchase additional lines or software. Some scenarios include opening a new branch office or preparing for a spike in demand.

Advanced Features

Business VoIP service can include advanced features like call transferring and auto attendants. VoIP also offers the advantage of multi-party calling capabilities, unlike traditional phone systems.

For small and large businesses that need a separate conference call provider, you don’t have to pay for additional services. With VoIP, you can include conference calling features into the service that you purchase.

Multitasking features are also included for businesses that need them. Not only does VoIP allow traditional phone calls, but you can also send images, documents, and videos while having a conversation.

Do You Need VoIP for Business?

Business VoIP providers are becoming popular for businesses of all sizes. Compared to landlines, VoIP for business is more affordable and offers major benefits.

Landlines are stagnant and can’t adapt to your business. If you want to reap the above advantages, it’s time to integrate a VoIP phone system.

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