Seeing Clearly: A Guide to Getting Glasses for the First Time

Do you remember as a kid being jealous of your classmates that got braces on their teeth or started wearing glasses? At the time, it seemed like a cool, fun accessory that only a select few had the opportunity to wear. As an adult, the prospect of getting glasses for the first time may have lost some of its charm.

But it’s possible to make the best out of your glasses buying experience. This article will walk you through the process of buying glasses starting with how to get a vision test. Get ready to see the whole situation more clearly!

Visit the Optometrist

If you’ve noticed issues with nearsightedness (trouble seeing things far away) or farsightedness (trouble seeing things close up) you should make an appointment with an optometrist. If you experience headaches, ocular migraines, or blurry vision those could also be symptoms of changes in eyesight and a good reason to get a vision test.

Even adults with excellent eyesight should be visiting an optometrist every year for a check-up. During your appointment, an optometrist will conduct an eye exam and explain why you need glasses and the type of prescription you need. Be sure to get a copy of the prescription for your records.

Buying Glasses

You can purchase glasses from your eyecare specialist but it may limit the types of glasses you can choose from. When you buy from an online retailer, like Spectacular Eyewear, you’ll have hundreds of options for the color, shape, and size of your glasses. You can upload your prescription, choose your frames, and pay online in only a few minutes.

Getting Used to New Glasses

Now you know how to get glasses. But you should be prepared for what to expect in the first few days or weeks of wearing them – including possible headaches, discomfort around the nose bridge and behind the ears, and dizziness.

Your eyes are getting used to seeing differently, so be patient if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. They should go away after a few days or weeks. You can practice wearing your glasses for a few hours a day to gradually get used to wearing them.

Be careful when wearing your new glasses while driving. Blurry vision or dizziness can make driving dangerous. If any of the symptoms last longer than a few weeks, talk to your optometrist. 

Getting Glasses Will Change Your Life

Imagine a world where you don’t have to squint at restaurant menus or ask your passenger what the upcoming street sign says – what a magical place that would be! Well, with the right glasses that could be your new reality.

Make an appointment with an optometrist to get a prescription for glasses. Choose the style you like and don’t forget cleaning tools too. Getting glasses can be easy, simple, and enjoyable.

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