RailMitra: A Start-up India Recognized Start-up Revolutionizing the Indian Railway Journey Planning In India

Indian Railways gains Rs. 750 crores as cancellation charge every year consistently. The vast majorities of these bookings are worthless and can be prevented using a platform which gives information about Indian Railway train enquiries. 

Because of these disruptive operations of Indian Railways, train travel in India was a chaotic experience. We always come across delays of trains, unavailability of train seats, and a last-minute change in platform. Passengers often suffered many difficulties until new-age start-up businesses like RailMitra revolutionized the Indian Railway journey.


RailMitra is a recognized start-up that launched in 2018 to become a real-time advisor for train travellers. It provides location-specific travel information of trains, stations and destinations. The Patna-based start-up is a one-stop solution for train travel planners that offer services such as checking PNR status, online food booking in the train, seat availability, train schedule and many more.

The RailMitra App is an AI-enabled train app powered with machine intelligence algorithms which gives the precise details to train passengers in real-time. It is a single Railway enquiry app that fulfils all the requirements pertaining to train travel, whether to check the PNR status or order food in train with all other railway-related services.

RailMitra provides food delivery in train through another firm, “RailRestro†which is an authorized e-catering partner of IRCTC. With a dedication to delivering healthy and delicious meals to passengers at their seat, it helps the travellers to desist from the poor quality food served by the pantry in the train. Travellers can choose from an assortment of flavorful cuisines like North Indian, Regional food, Jain food, Mughlai, South Indian, Continental and many more.

It is a free web and app-based train travel portal available across all the devices – PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones and compatible with all internet browsers. RailMitra aims to help its users in making travel-related decisions wisely and offers an easier way to plan train journeys.

RailMitra AI-integrated interface works with predictive algorithms, tracking technologies, and analytics to give comprehensive Railway enquiry information, and help train travellers make smart choices. It consists of updates for the train PNR status, train location, train time table, fare enquiry, seat availability, station details, etc. Users could get all the up-to-date travel details through consistent notifications and alerts.

Meet the Founder of RailMitra 

The CEO and Director of the train app RailMitra, Mr Manish Chandra, is an active investor of small businesses. His passion and hard work helped him actualize the business idea into a business operation. He came up with the concept of “RailMitra-Train PNR Status, Order Food in Train App†to give accurate and precise rail information to the passengers along with delivering the best quality food in train. Today, it has gained popularity and appreciation amongst the train commuters to get insightful information on Railway enquiries.

Vision of RailMitra

The prime motto of RailMitra is to make the train travels pleasant by resolving the queries of travellers with ease. RailMitra portal with AI-enabled machine learning intelligence facilitates every Indian railway passenger to get the accurate and updated train-related information within a few taps. 

High-Performance Working Teams

RailMitra team comprises assiduous employees, professionals and experts who help deliberately to grow the business traction. It is framed by 80+ meticulous and enthusiastic teams’ members who look after the operations and effectiveness of the Company. 

The work team of RailMitra is united with several departments of IT, Content, Administration, Business Development and Technical support, working for the same goal intuitively. Together they paved the way for attaining profitability and generating brand value for the Company.

Company Environment

The firm binds the workers and co-workers by organizing corporate events. RailMitra arranges corporate events like a festival celebration, clubbed birthday celebrations, workshops, etc. which enliven the working environment. 

Manish Chandra, the CEO, believes that an open mind is a progressive mind as the teamwork in the event builds motivation, team spirit and togetherness amongst employees.

RailMitra is a great place with a friendly working environment. Every employee in the Company dedicatedly helps each other in work.

Start-up India recognition

Though RailMitra AI-enabled railway food app was launched in 2018 with its grand vision, it has futuristic plans for expansion and growth. The Company got recognition from Start-up India organization recently on 15th July 2020. This prestigious organization certifies RailMitra under its registered Name “Yescom Global Kart Private Limitedâ€. The department has recognized RailMitra portal for the promotion of Industry and Internal trade under the functioning “Travel and Tourism†Industry and Facility Management sector. It is one of the best recognition until now for RailMitra and its team within two years of its incorporation as a Pvt. Limited Company.

Futuristic plans

Starting its functionalities with Indian Railway information such as check PNR, trains time-table, live train route and live train tracking, RailMitra portal expanded its services into e-catering powered by RailRestro. RailMitra recently added Rail News sections in its portal to keep the Railfans, and general people informed about the specific railway news and updates. 

RailMitra also has on-boarded “Hotels Nearby Stations†services on its portal, which would prove to be the best option for travellers who need to stay for few hours near railway stations or in the town for business purposes or tourism. This service would help many of the people to get hotel rooms on a very pocket-friendly budget for a few hours. The Company would soon be functioning on its “Hotels nearby Stations†actively on its portal.

More business expansion strategies are being worked out, which would soon be launched on its official site. RailMitra also wishes to partner with railway ticketing and travel apps and websites for aligning its services and giving a great combination of facilities to all the train travellers across the country.

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