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5 Common ITIL-Adoption Mistakes Committed by ITIL Newbies

What is ITIL? 

ITIL Certification is primarily for those working in the IT Service Management domain. It gives a good grip on all aspects of Service Management and helps one better understand why we do certain things the way we are doing them.

ITIL certification helps one create new opportunities for themselves while boosting their current professional knowledge in the IT industry. This training is carried out by authorized bodies such as EXIN, one of the leading exams and certification institutes, and ISEB or International Systems Examination Board.

Overview of ITIL adoption

It is observed that newly passed out ITIL professionals are whole robust and spirit while entering into new IT space ventures. However, not everyone knows that clearing ITIL certification is starting a new journey in your life. But with starting a new phase, there are some old mistakes you shouldn’t take up. 

Adopting ITIL foundation certification is just the beginning of the ITIL framework in IT service management, which requires a deep understanding and breadth of several changes which might occur anytime and anywhere; we might get prepared to face those challenges smoothly. 

While adapting to the new change, a new vision is also essential, along with relevant business planning and project managing. 

Here are some errors that newly ITIL newbies make:

  1. Thinking of ITIL is a golden button for all organizational problems.  

Unfortunately, the applications of ITIL aren’t going to solve all your work problems. It is not a quick fix for all the issues; instead, it adds significant value to your life to become a better person in an outside place. Pursuing ITIL certification is awarded a golden opportunity in your life, but understanding work culture is also essential. Implementing ITIL best practices is usually not enough, but carrying away the right mindset is. 

It should be rapid to realize that if something is not ready to fit, taking up a pragmatic and realistic approach while adopting the responsibilities of ITIL will make a real difference in delivering the services and support to your organization.

  1. Highly process driven 

IT professionals who pass the ITIL foundation certification course almost make the right decision. At this level, they generally form separate groups to handle problems, incidents, and changes in the project building.

However, this step is feckless concerning ITSM concepts. ITSM believes in working as a team, but not all processes require a team. After one stage of ITIL, working as an individual will be more effective and result-oriented. Processes are a set of activities and can be performed single-handedly rather than forming groups. 

Therefore, it is always said better to focus on those procedures which depend on several other activities of a particular process. These processes can be protected and secured with the new businesses.  

  1. Focusing on structure v/s results.

As an individual, if you ask what to do, you love structure or framework? 

The answer to this question is going to be yes. But with ITIL and other similar frameworks and models, it is imperative to choose framework over business results. 

It is not on the right path. If you put much effort into the structure and do not get the results, it is absolutely a waste of precious time and resources. The outcomes should be valued from the beginning of the ITIL company, which has taken the initiative ITIL framework. 

Although on the better side, it is to measure all the outcomes. Why? 

Because these outcomes give us proper guidance, communicate well, which adds benefits to our organization and businesses. Results might show the right way to deal with teams when it gets confused and stuck in one place, but subjective outcomes are better than getting them in the minority. 

  1. Treating ITIL as one set project 

ITIL isn’t something you set off over the next six months, complete, and then move on to something else. Instead, ITIL is a course that requires continual improvisation, and ITIL 4 updates the version of all ITIL. Over time, ITIL foundation certification is the entry-level course wherein the journey of ITIL starts.

Over time, your company might need its mixture of IT people, processes, and technology to ensure that the IT service and delivery are in place to support the capabilities required to achieve business goals. 

Any improvement can be essential, but treating ITIL as one project is unacceptable. Any improvement regarding business needs, change of guidance, or external factors such as regulations or other things will be allowed to bring the organization to a new level. 

  1. No consideration of business needs while developing catalogs.

It is always a great way to start the document of services provided by IT companies to various businesses while developing a new service catalog. A service catalog should be able to build the gap between business needs and IT deliverables. 

Therefore, measuring the services currently provided to the desired business outcomes can bridge the gap between IT service and business expectations.

In any organization, business expectations should always be priories; the rest of the priority should be set. A business is based on clients’ and clients’ needs and what needs to be fulfilled.


There are many such mistakes that ITIL newcomers assist in making, but some of them are frequently repeated and advised not to do again. Here are some advice and tips provided to you if you decide to enter the world of technology.

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ITIL has been in businesses and companies for over decades now. IT management is booming their career worldwide; it is of no value if we don’t address the mistakes made. 

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