Key Insights on Mobile Consumption Trends: How Have they Changed in 2022?

While the world still comes to terms with the “new normalâ€,  multiple industries and business verticals have witnessed the effect of a shift in consumer behaviour, both positive and negative.

Adapting to the new shift In lifestyle has required us to rely on a few apps more than we used to from before. Since most geographies across the world went into a mandatory lockdown, a lot has changed in the way users interact with businesses across various verticals.

Apps like Online Pharmacy, Health & Fitness, and Edtech have shown exponential growth over the last two quarters, while Travel and Hospitality apps show little progress while people still cannot forgo the OTT entertainment binge. These are the trends explained in the latest  MoEngage Global Mobile Consumer Trends Report 2020.

A look at the Global Industry Radar shows Edtech, Banking & Fintech, and Healthcare & Fitness have seen steady growth in both DAU & Downloads in Q2, 2020(April to June).

The Adrenaline High

Healthcare and Education Apps are the MVPs of mobile consumption-  In Q2, 2020, Health & Fitness apps saw an increase of 45.66% in the number of global mobile app downloads from Q1, 2020. People have seemed to have embraced working out from home as the new regime

  • Global rise in downloads of fitness apps in Q2 vs Q1 was 45.66%.
  • The boost to global downloads of fitness apps in Q2 globally was driven majorly by India (156.73%), which translated to 58 million active users.
  •  Global rise in daily active users of fitness apps in Q2 vs Q1 was 24.04%.

There was almost an 39% rise in downloads of medical apps in Q2 vs Q1 with an average session duration keeping constant in Q2 as compared to Q1 on these apps.

Long Way to Travel

While most countries have lifted the travel ban and allowed interstate travel, most people are taking heavy precautions and keeping movement outside strictly to necessities while some countries like in Europe are allowing cross country travel easily as well. There is no guessing that customer confidence has taken a hit with users hesitant to step out and travel like before.

  • While Download of apps in the Travel and Hospitality industry saw some recovery after the drastic fall in March 2020. The net increase in new users in
    Q2 globally is 17.25%.
  • Daily activity on Travel and Hospitality apps by users has still not recovered. The overall movement in Q2 dropped further by 5.36%.

While these numbers may not change in the rest of the 4 remaining months of 2020, it has given the mobile economy a whole new dimension with people relying more and more on technology to get through these tough times. Most industries have seen a huge increase in the Downloads and Daily Active Users, while such a permanent shift in user behavior has forced marketers to look at their engagement strategy and rethink their approach.

Unnathi Rayaprolu

Unnathi is a marketer with a passion for learning anything new and indulging in various cultures while travelling. She enjoys a good read and a cup of coffee any time of the day.