How to Find Support for Special and Exceptional Education Teachers

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Teaching special education is one of the professions in the US list for the happiest jobs. While it’s harder, being a SpEd teacher is a rewarding and unique experience. Because of that, giving the educators the support they need is essential.

Having this support will increase their efficacy in providing for their students. Special education teachers are also advocates who bring awareness to the public.

Are you a teacher in exceptional education? If you wish to bring better services to your students, this is the article for you.

Here are some of the organizations you can look into for SpEd resources. Read the article below to know more.

SpEd Teachers in Exceptional Education

Every day, SpEd teachers welcome different challenges from each new student they teach. Adaptation strategies will depend on the student’s needs, condition, and behavior.

These educators provide hands-on education to all their students’ needs. This includes the assessment, supplemental instructions, and individual academic and behavioral support. Due to that, SpEd educators are essential in all resource education rooms in the country.

They also act as partners of parents and the community in spreading awareness. They’re big contributors to the involvement of parents in their children’s education.

There’s no doubt that having enough special education support is necessary. Programs like SETSS in New York are one good example. Like their students, teachers also need SpEd resources to perform their duties better.

The National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET)

When it comes to getting SpEd resources, NASET is the most important organization you can go to. NASET is a national membership and professional organization for supporting SpEd educators.

It’s the first professional association for special education teachers. Not to mention, it’s the leading advocate for students and teachers alike.

It helps educators seeking professional advancement and offers training opportunities to new teachers. The organization also helps members who are seeking employment within the country.

The NASET is also a well-regarded association for policies and research. But more than that, it has plenty of professional resources teachers can use. Some of these resources offered are an app, reference library, and conference opportunities.

It also gives teachers the list of requirements for the SPED board certification.

DREAMMS for Kids

If you’re a special education teacher, you may have already heard of DREAMMS. It’s an assistive technology information clearinghouse and an active research facility.

This association aims to increase computer usage and assistive technology in special education. DREAMMS also focuses on the promotion of high-quality instructional technology.

Most SpEd resources DREAMMS for Kids offers are computer and assistive technology-related. Are you looking for ways to incorporate more computer use into your classes? Get a headstart with DREAMMS.

The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)

Special education teachers get support from the Council for Exceptional Students. CEC is an association dedicated to helping people with disabilities attain educational success. It’s also the biggest international professional organization for people with special gifts.

A lot of CEC’s focus is on giving educational opportunities to SpEd educators. This means providing as many SpEd resources as they can. That way, teachers can give a higher standard of education to their students.

CEC’s educational resources include special education legislation overview worldwide. They also give teachers access to all kinds of SpEd resources. This includes teaching conferences, workshops, and online courses.

The National Organization on Disability (NOD)

Another great association is the National Organization on Disability or NOD. This is an organization dedicated to improving disability employment ratings in the US.

NOD is concentrating on developing creative ways for people with disabilities to work. One of their approaches is through educating the US workforce for opportunities. They’re also making petitions in congress for better legislation.

NOD is a great support organization, especially for high-school-level teachers. Their resources can help them address employment to their special education students.

National Center for Learning Disabilities (NLCD)

The National Center for Learning Disabilities is also known as the NLCD. This is an organization that focuses on issues SpEd teachers face daily. This may range from difficult learning curves to low attention span.

NLCD aims to empower parents and the youth to transform schools. They also try to teach them to become advocates for equal rights and opportunities.

If you’re looking for support, NLCD is a great option to get one. The center has great resources for educators like scholarships and articles.

NCLD also has the Get Ready to Read program. The program focuses on helping children with disabilities develop their early literacy skills.

The Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps (TASH)

Note that TASH isn’t a professional organization for teachers in special education. However, it’s still a great source of resources. This international disability advocacy group started in 1982. The association aims to change professional practice worldwide.

TASH also welcomes everyone to their team, from educators, researchers to advocates. Aside from the usual conferences, TASH also provides webinars. There are also internship openings for student special education teachers.

Other SpEd Resources For Teachers

In the US, there are still a lot more associations where educators can find support. Here are some of them.

  • US Department of Education Strengthening Teaching
  • What Works Clearinghouse
  • The Teacher’s Guide
  • E-Ready Special Education Information for Teachers
  • CARS+
  • Internet Special Education Resources (ISER)

These associations give teachers and parents teaching resources like lessons and activity printouts. There are also plenty of articles and services for local families. These direct them to the nearest resource education classes.

How to Get Support for Special and Exceptional Education Teachers

Leveling up is a critical part of being a teacher in exceptional education. Getting the appropriate support is necessary. This ensures that your students will reach educational success.

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