How to be a Successful Investment Banking analyst in 2022?

A career in investment banking is lucrative and rewarding that attracts almost all finance and non-finance graduates as well.

Let’s know about an investment banking analyst, as it is an entry-level job position. The investment banking industry welcomes candidates who have special skills in finance, a strong attitude to manage emotional and mental stress, strong enough to work in a dynamic environment, and can manage time while doing multi-tasks.

Generally, an investment banking professional spends about 90-100 hours a week. The day starts at 10 AM and may continue till 2 AM. An I-banking analyst usually spends the time in building models, comparing financial metrics, determining valuation, quantifying performance, and editing pitchbooks. Sometimes, they may also get engaged in meetings and learn about live transactions.

Before knowing how to become an I-banking analyst, let’s understand the primary responsibilities. It will throw light on all practical skills one may need to have.

The primary job of an I-banking analyst is to support senior professionals in deals. It includes everything from conducting research and analysis; developing financial models; developing selling memoranda, roadshows, and pitchbook; being the point of contact for the transaction process; attending client meetings; understanding the trends affecting the market; understanding the investment criteria; developing recommendations for transactions; ensuring regulatory compliance; maintaining regulatory compliance and business relationship.

Becoming an investment banking analyst in 2022

Let’s know the required educational qualification and skills to become an investment banking analyst.

Educational requirements

A bachelor’s degree in finance might be sufficient to land an entry-level position, but holding a master’s degree from a reputable business school helps you to gain an easy entry and attend campus selection interviews. Higher qualification helps you to earn sign-on bonuses and fatty pay.

Also, in addition to University qualifications, it is recommended to earn an investment banking certification. Certifications readily validate your job skills and enable you to stand out from your peer group. Attending a certification program at a competent and authenticated institution helps to understand and meet the professional requirements of top investment banking firms and thus, improve your career graph.


Gaining one or two internships helps you get relevant experience in the field. Moreover, several investment banking firms offer full-time jobs to their top interns. So, entering into an investment banking domain even as an intern will carve your career.

Generally, recruitment for internships or analyst positions starts a year or more in advance. It is recommended to start networking and searching for positions in your freshman year and sophomore year.

Get prepared

Study well and score well in all your classes. Connect with your alumni through LinkedIn, and expand your networking. Learn the technical skills such as accounting -advanced accounting using analytics tools, valuation tools, financial modeling, Artificial Intelligence technology’s and other emerging technology’s role in investment banking.

Becoming a successful investment banking analyst in 2022

After joining a job, enjoy your opportunity and make the most of it to survive, excel, and step up your career ladder. 

Gain the right attitude

To work successfully every day on every task, be a Google wizard. Grind as much as possible for whatever assignments have been given to you by giving attention to all minute details. Junior postings are a great opportunity for learning and understanding things from the basic level. Never let this opportunity slip away to build a strong foundation in the career.

You should learn to type fast, as seniors will be dictating the clients’ proposals, dealings, and many other things. You should pace your speed and have a great memory. Take notes and be prepared anytime. Do not complain when your job becomes more demanding. Learn social skills, have an aesthetic eye, control your emotions and anxiety. Have a positive attitude and be proactive to win over this tough career.

Entrepreneurial thinking

Make the most from the present time. Learn multi-languages, understand the international culture, and take a chance to work with international clients. Approach a problem from a different angle and look for new solutions. Be innovative, creative, and manage things efficiently.

Learn presentation skills, collect references for all facts and numbers. People like neat and fast work. Gain lean skills, hone your natural skills, and be dedicated to performing in a challenging environment.

To conclude…

Earning a job as an investment banking analyst might be easier. Work hard and be dedicated to maintain the position and carve your niche in the domain by becoming experts in the field.

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