Understanding the Basics of Business Analytics Project

When we discuss Project management for business analytics programs, many things come to mind. Most analysts think that Project Management and Business Intelligence programs are one and the same and often tend to overlook the nuances that arrive with the adoption of these tools. While we need similar tools and skillsets to manage both, these fields are different from each other in the way workflows move.

If you are yet to start your first Business Analytics project, this article can help you with some basic information.

Let’s roll.

Why Companies Adopt Business Analytics?

Companies need business analytics and business intelligence to stay competitive and relevant in the industry. Human talent together with BI/ BA tools helps the companies in achieving these goals.

Humans are analytical by nature and this has been the trend since the start of civilization. However, only recently have we managed to automate the process of making analytical decisions by letting machines do the math for us. From automation to predictive intelligence, there are countless methodologies to manage analytics for mankind now. In the last 10 years, the rise of Big Data has made the most profound impact on business intelligence, and that’s why companies are beginning to hire fresh talent from top business analytics certification courses.

Here’s an industry definition that would help you stay focus on the deliverables –

“Project management is a continuous improvement initiative within a company and run by a team of highly skilled professionals with relevant business analytics certification.â€

How to use Business intelligence for project management?

If you are appearing for an interview for a business analyst or a project manager in the business intelligence team, this is what you should keep in mind.

Project Management is a Team Game

9 out of 10 projects fail in the lifetime due to poor planning and execution. A large part of the failure is attributed to leadership management and team dynamics. If you are a Project Manager, you are the leader. You should showcase team leadership skills in addition to conflict resolution and the ability to smoothen the communication with timely collaboration.

Team Dynamics

Apart from being a team lead in a Project Management lifecycle, you could be playing different roles or assigning these roles to your team members. The most important roles are that of a Data modeler, data organizer, Big Data analyst, and programmers, who may be further led by a team of engineers to sort technical issues.

Reporting to Data Scientist

Project managers, by hierarchy, report to Chief Data Officer or Chief Data Scientist — which means you have to stay close to data science aspirations.

By now you would have understood that Project management for business analytics is a specialized workflow dedicated to the planning, executing, evaluating, and processing the entire value chain of how BA tools work to deliver desired results. Quality assessment is a key post-analytical tactic that can also be considered as part of the BA project management.

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