How the Logo Design Process Actually Works in Practice

Does your business need a new brand design? If so, you’ll need a new logo. It should grab people’s attention and make you stand out from the competition.

A graphic designer will be your go-to person for the job. They have the skills and expertise to bring a memorable logo to life for you!

But, have you ever wondered what the logo design process is like? Keep reading to learn all about it, so you’ll know what to expect!

Meet With the Client

The first step is meeting with you, the client. The graphic designer has to learn all about your company. They’ll also ask about your branding strategy to get a feel for it.

During this step, the designer will get some ideas about what type of logo might be fitting. You can tell them what you’re looking for, too.

Research the Client’s Competition

Once the designer knows about you and your brand, they’ll check out the competition. Doing this helps them understand what other similar companies are doing and what to stay away from. This step is crucial because it’ll allow your designer to create a strong logo that stands out from the rest.

Develop Sketches and Rough Drafts

At this step, the graphic designer will begin working on your new brand identity. They’ll factor in your business, ideas, and competition to create some incredible logo sketches.

Depending on the designer, they may work with pencil and paper or do it digitally. Either way, they’ll try to come up with multiple drafts to choose from.

Execute the Best Ideas

With several logo ideas completed, the graphic designer will look over them to choose the finest. Not every design is a winner, but they’ll select a few that are. The goal is to pick the ones with the most potential.

The best graphic designer will use their judgment to determine which concepts get your brand across the most effectively. Weak ideas get tossed, while strong ones get brought to life.

Get the Client’s Feedback and Approval

Near the end of the logo design process, the graphic designer will get your feedback on the handful of logos they’ve created. Your input is critical, so be honest about your thoughts. The ultimate goal is to create a design that you love!

The designer should have mockups, like a business card or packaging, with the logos applied to share. Once you choose and approve the design you like best, they’ll add any necessary final tweaks to perfect it.

Deliver the Finalized Logo

The final step is to deliver the finished logo design. The graphic designer will likely provide it as a vector file to maintain the highest quality. You might receive multiple file types as well, so you’ll have some to use digitally or in print.

This Is the Logo Design Process

If you need a memorable logo for your new brand identity, contact a graphic designer! They’ll walk you through their unique logo design process, though it should be similar to this one. By the end, you’ll have a stunning new logo to represent your company!

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