How Can Social Media Listening Increase Customer Advocacy

Social listening can build more positive customer relations, provide an expanded, more profound understanding of the brand’s public, and improve the quality of customer service delivery until customers become genuine brand advocates.

Before we get into all the ways social media listening can boost customer loyalty, let’s first define some terms. We’ve always felt that it’s essential to be all on the same page regarding definitions and meanings from the beginning. Have conversations and a point of.

What is social media listening?

It’s simple. Social media listening is described as listening to social media conversations to manage the reputation of a brand. There’s more to do, but these are the basic steps. It is essential to use the appropriate technology and have a team to help and operational processes to ensure that issues are dealt with.

What is advocacy for customers?

Many definitions of customer advocacy emphasize that it’s a sophisticated type of social customer service. Excellent customer service results from a workplace culture centered around the needs and requirements of its clients. What is your definition of the concept of customer advocacy?

They create products, organize and organize teams, and have the same values as their customers. They are awash in the customer experience, and every decision taken within the company is based on that relationship.

It is an easy concept to recognize when you think about it, and it’s comparable in concept to “reciprocal altruism” to promote brand awareness. I think of customer advocacy as that: when your customers sincerely love you, they’ll be loyal to you and will tell other people about you.

The inclusion of a customer advocacy program is a crucial element of the B2B Social Media strategy because it’s based on trust and connections.

What can Social Media Listening do to help increase the amount of customer advocacy for your company?

It’s essential to draw these conclusions to help create a customer-focused attitude within your business.

1. Customers love it when brands are responsive.

Customers want to be heard through social media. In reality, being active on social media definitely will make a difference. If people follow companies on social media, 90 percent are more likely to purchase.

They’d like you to reply. However, it’s more than that, and it’s about using social media to craft thoughtful responses that add value. These are the action types that can build brand loyalty and boost customer retention rates.

2. You can track the growth of your business.

Sometimes, companies are faced with problems or scandals. It’s not uncommon for things to happen, but one incident could trigger an upsurge of negative comments that can afflict any social network. You can easily ignore a few rude remarks from time to time, but it’s a big problem when negative comments appear to outweigh the positive.

It is a perfect moment to utilize SEO Services for social listening. After analyzing the recent incident, you’ll be able to do some study and determine whether the increase in negative feedback has resulted in a decline in followers, sales or any other metric you decide to study.

After that, you can decide whether any severe steps should be taken in response to the incident or if it’s merely unaffected by the consequences.

3. You can discover new opportunities.

In many cases, customers will do the work for the company. When many customers begin complaining about the same issue or wishing for the same outcome, It’s an indication to be aware of and work with. Instead of just keeping track of these changes, employ social listening to identify ways to make shifts.

For example, perhaps you are employed by an exercise center. Customers have shared their frustrations with classes that are filling up quickly. 

There’s a chance to think about creating larger classes, opening more places in each category — which might need to be relocated to larger venues or setting an upper limit on the number of classes a person can enroll in during a week. 

These possibilities have pros and cons, but experimenting with different approaches could yield actual results and hopefully please most of your customers.

4. It is possible to increase the number of customers you acquire.

Social media offers a variety of opportunities for expanding your audience. In the end, your followers aren’t just loyal customers, they’re just people who are enjoying your content or stumbled on the social networks you use. These are the types of people you ought to be in the market.

Inbound marketing emphasizes how important it is to provide relevant and valuable content that gives the user value. It, in turn, draws them to your brand and prevents you from being compelled to bombard them with ads that distract. 

It’s much simpler to convert your content’s users or followers into leads and eventually customers rather than attempting to contact random strangers in the hope that people will be interested in your goods or services.

Utilizing social listening, you’ll be able to identify the types of content people who follow you and mention you like by looking at their posts and shares, hashtags, and even photos. You can then create content that’s relevant to the preferences of your followers and eventually attract them to your brand.

How to increase customer advocacy from social media listening?

Discover the most influential customers

Social listening cannot only pinpoint individuals who have purchased the product, but you can also categorize by their influence. I’ll say everyone is equal (most of the time); however, it’s not a bad idea to focus on your customers who are part of large communities.

Surprise & Delight

It is a highly tactical approach; however, it’s effective. It’s a method that allows community managers to monitor the conversations on social media platforms and then “surprise and surprise and delight” customers with a type of present.

It could include tickets for a show or gift certificate or a free six-month service. It’s an opportunity to bring a smile to the face of your customer just because they’re your customer.

Product Innovation

It is the place where you collect instant feedback about the product you offer from customers via social media. Additionally, you gather the feedback and incorporate it into your product strategy. Of course, it must be in line with your company’s and product’s vision. 

However, feedback from customers will not only help you create an even better product, but once they feel that you’re “taking actions” according to their preferences and needs, you’ll create customers who will stay with you forever.


If utilized correctly, it is an effective tool for companies since it allows them to communicate with their clients personally and receive feedback from the market about their performance. It also allows you to know what people say about your business. So, social media listening is worth it to establish a customer base that is loyal to you.

Social listening can help you retain existing customers’ investment and draw new customers into your business. It assists your team in identifying what’s working and then improving it further.

We hope the article was beneficial and could be improved to clarify how Social Media Listening Enhance Customer Advocacy.

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar is a Digital Marketing Strategist in a leading organisation. A creative marketing strategist with over 8 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies and guiding business development