The Ultimate Guide to Boost Your Business with a Dedicated Server in Malaysia


According to the world bank, Malaysia is an elite country that has overcome extreme poverty. Now it’s a growing country where many businesses are growing rapidly.

If you are opening a business whether it’s a small business or a large one, you will need a website to reach people in the maximum possible ways apart from social media handles and other possible portals. A website that will need a domain and web hosting to launch your business online on a global platform.

Dedicated Server in Malaysia will help you to sustain your business with maximum security and powerful performance. It will help you to boost your SEO optimization and with low maintenance, you will be able to manage your business easily.

Why Should Enterprises Choose a Dedicated Server?

Big firms that want to give the best experience to their high-profile clients opt for a dedicated server. It helps them to stabilize their customers to the business and give them a 100% guarantee to protect their data. A bare metal dedicated server guarantees enterprises have full access to the resources their business may need.

A dedicated server is a rented server that a company bought for web hosting purposes. Choosing a Malaysia dedicated server means that you have your individual server that is not shared by thousands of other people that will affect your server’s security.

After choosing Best Dedicated Server in Malaysia for your business, it will mean that your website has more uniformity and reliability than any other shared hosting like VPS web hosting and Shared hosting.

What Benefits will You Get from Dedicated Server Hosting in Malaysia?

  1. A Dedicated Server gives you the Best Performance

A Dedicated Server Hosting in Malaysia provides an exclusive, OS(Operating System) that is totally dedicated to you. It’s an unshared web hosting, so it gives good performance to your website. You are enabled to install other applications too in your server and handle them easily without hiring anyone to handle your server. Providers are there to help you 24/7 with skilled technicians

  1. Supreme Security

Dedicated web hosting is perhaps the most chosen web hosting for any website that demands supreme security. Companies want to rely on that because they want to avoid following security issues of other web hostings, for instance:

  • Torment from malware or a virus because of other websites.
  • Experiencing website downtime because any other website on the server is facing a DDoS attack.
  • Venomous behavior of another website owner that impacts your website.
  • Security is at stake if another website is hacked on the server.

Malaysia Web Hosting servicer promises to give high security to your data. They give premium protection against cybersecurity attacks and server vigilance. A dedicated server allows you to install a high-level security system to your server that you can customize and protect the data with encryption.

  1. More Reliable Up-Time

If you have other shared hostings like VPS hosting and Shared web hosting the performance will be degraded rapidly when the traffic spikes or we can say when the user interaction increases. Your website would have a high bounce rate and will lose revenues. These are the consequences of buying a shared hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting in Malaysia assures you to run your websites smoothly and faster. There will be no downtime as you are the owner of an individual server. As long as you are configuring the device correctly, no matter how much traffic you are experiencing, users will always feel a good experience from the website.

  1. Unique IP Address

This is the best feature that a dedicated server gives to the users. Users will have their unique IP address, unlike other web hostings where you have to share your IP.

You don’t have to care about other neighboring websites, you are the only one responsible for the health of your server’s IP address.

This feature is significant for sites that have SSL authentication for credit card processing. A unique IP address will also mean that you need not refresh records each time a rent lapses or when you rotate your IP addresses.

Serverwala is the Best/Cheap Dedicated Server Provider in Malaysia.

If you are serious about your business and looking for a Dedicated Server Provider in Malaysia then here is your research stops because Serverwala provides you a dedicated server with high security and the lowest downtime with maximum page load speed.

Serverwala’s team is there to help you with your server any time with well-skilled technicians. Their dedicated server comes with SSD storage with quicker load times and utilizes savvy directing technology to ensure 99.90% uptime.

Key Features of Dedicated Server Hosting in Malaysia with Plans and Packages

ScalabilityIt is the ultimate goal of any company to grow larger in terms of user usability, revenues, and no of visitors. With the dedicated server, your users will feel more scalability. 
ReliabilityThis web hosting offers much reliability in terms of speed, storage, bandwidth, and many other things as compared to other shared web hostings.
SecurityThe dedicated hosting’s top appealing property is Security. Such web hosting is really great for all strategic sites as unmatched security is ensured here.
FlexibilityThe dedicated server web hosting users will have free choice to any operating system as per their need. The dedicated server offers a large number of resources which prompts an upgraded and consistent site execution.
Management You can manage all the features of a dedicated server easily and handle all the software. It has low maintenance costs, unlike other web hostings. You can control all your data with a cPanel or Plesk control panel as per your demand.

Plans and Packages of a Cheap Dedicated Server in Malaysia

Serverwala has four types of plans which are budget-friendly to the customers. If you want to buy a monthly plan then there is a one-month plan and if you want to buy for a year then you will get a good discount also.

Plans and packages of cheap dedicated server in Malaysia


Assuming that your website is experiencing high downtime speed and the bounce rate is also increasing then it’s time for you to relocate your website to a dedicated server. This is much beneficial than other web hostings as you can add more elements to your site. You will have your security system and a unique IP address that will obviate the high bounce rate and cope up with the high traffic.