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Navigating the Hoverboard Hype: A Comprehensive Buying Guide for Indian Consumers

The hoverboard craze is real, and it’s not just limited to the younger crowd; adults are jumping on the bandwagon too. As the market becomes flooded with manufacturers keen to meet this soaring demand, potential buyers can feel overwhelmed by the multitude of choices. This comprehensive guide seeks to simplify your hoverboard purchasing journey by highlighting key features and considerations.

Before you dive into your hoverboard shopping adventure, it’s essential to understand what you’re buying and what factors to consider. This knowledge will empower you to make an informed decision and ultimately enjoy your hoverboard experience.

Unveiling the Hoverboard

Invented by Shane Chen, the hoverboard, also known as the self-balancing scooter, is a two-wheeled personal transportation device. It’s akin to a skateboard, except that it has wheels on the sides that run on batteries. It boasts sturdy tires, a robust motor, and comfortable footboards, ensuring a smooth ride. Remember, though, these devices rely on self-balancing; it’s advisable to practice and train before you start zooming around.

Crucial Factors to Consider When Buying a Hoverboard

Price Range

In India, hoverboard prices range from Rs 16,499 to Rs 54,990. You can readily find these on platforms like Amazon. Here’s a snapshot of some of the best hoverboards in India:

Sailor 2 Wheels Hoverboard: Rs 16,499 – Amazon Link

Hover-1 Falcon 1 Hoverboard Seat Attachment Turbo Light: Rs 16,719.58 – Amazon Link

SWAGTRON SWAGBOARD T882 EVO Hoverboard with LED Light-Up Wheels: Rs 19,299 – Amazon Link

CXM-Hoverboard UL 2272 Certified Self Balancing Electric Scooter: Rs 19,999 – Amazon Link

SWAGTRON T6 OFF-ROAD Hoverboard – 10″ Wheel, with Auto Balancing: Rs 54,990 – Amazon Link

Wheel Size

The wheel size of your hoverboard can significantly influence the riding experience. If you’re considering indoor use or small rides, the 6.5-inch wheels could be a good choice. For off-road terrains, the 10-inch wheels are recommended due to their ability to handle rougher surfaces.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacities differ from brand to brand. If you’re purchasing a hoverboard for a child, look for a model with a weight limit of around 130 lbs, typically found in hoverboards with wheel sizes less than 6.5 inches. For adults, hoverboards with 8 to 10-inch wheels can usually support up to 265lbs.


Although hoverboards can hit impressive speeds, safety should always be paramount. Kids’ hoverboards generally max out at 3-4 mph, while adult models can reach up to 15mph. The fastest hoverboards may hit speeds up to 20mph, but it’s crucial to consider your comfort and safety before attempting such speeds.

Battery Life

Given that hoverboards run on batteries, you must consider how long the hoverboard can operate on a full charge. It’s also crucial to ensure the battery is UL certified, indicating it meets certain safety standards.

Final Thoughts

Armed with this comprehensive guide, you should be better prepared to embark on your hoverboard purchasing journey. Remember, the best hoverboard isn’t the most expensive or fastest; it’s the one that fits your needs, provides a safe ride, and ultimately, brings you joy. Happy Hovering!

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