Here’s How to Design a Business Card the Right Way

Considering that there are about 32.5 million businesses in the United States, you want to make a lasting impression. You might wonder how you can do that since it’s ultra-competitive out there.

Well, you’re in luck! Read this guide on how to design a business card the right way and make a positive first impression.

Best Business Card Tips

Consider hiring a company for beautiful graphics such as new era print solutions. If you’re creating the business card yourself, don’t try to fill every space.

Keep the design simple and modern. Ensure that the text you choose is readable. Certain fonts could be hard to read and could turn off potential customers.

Don’t overwhelm them with too much information. Instead, only have the necessary details.

Keep your audience in mind as you come up with a design.

Keep Designs Consistent

When designing a business card, view your other designs. You’ll want everything to match. This should include your website and all promotional material.

You’ll want to include your:

  • Company slogan
  • Name
  • Title
  • Company name
  • Contact info
  • Website

Pick Out the Right Shape and Size

While they’re normally horizontal and rectangular, yours doesn’t have to be. Study other cards in your niche for business card ideas.

Determine the best shape and size for your brand. A vertical card could make yours stand out more since it’s unique.

Have a Logo

The best business card will include a well-defined logo. You’ll want a design that can be shrunk and fit onto the card.

If you have a more complicated logo, consider a similar design that could be shrunk to size. This logo could be used on other items such as stationery and other promotional products.

Pick Out Colors

Choose colors that go together. Some color combinations will be hard to read, which you don’t want.

Avoid bold colors since they could be hard to read. You’ll still want the text to be focused and dark enough.

Be sure that the text you choose is easy to read. If not, they might wind up finding a competitor instead.

Use the Back

When using printing services, be sure that they use the back of the card as well. You could include facts and information in your field.

Use information that’ll make them more likely to hold onto your card. Consumers respond better to information that provides them value.

Use High-end Materials

Avoid cheap product materials that won’t last. This will give a bad first impression of your company.

While card stock is the most common, you could choose various materials such as wood, metals, etc.

Understanding How to Design a Business Card

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of how to design a business card. If you’re feeling stuck, consider reaching out to a graphic designer with business card experience.

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