The Best Free Conference Call Number Services for Meetings

Did you know that the worldwide telecom market is supposed to reach a value of almost $2.5 billion within the next 6 years?

Conference calls are often the backbone of business no matter what field you’re a part of. However, this is yet another expense that can end up eating into your profits. Instead, you should consider taking advantage of free conference calls.

Are you wondering what your options are? Keep reading to learn all about the best free conference call number services for meetings.

Conference Town

When it comes to free conference calling, Conference Town is changing the game. Unlike other options, the company can accommodate a whopping 5,000 participants in a single meeting. Other services are often capped at 300.

You can also record calls for free. This function is usually available from other conference providers but at a month-to-month price. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also host an unlimited number of simultaneous conference calls instead of being limited by just two.

What are you waiting for? You can host a free conference call with no registration required.


Zoom is one of the most popular brands for free conference calls. However, they limit free meetings to 40 minutes and cap the number of participants to 100. You would have to pay to take advantage of their 1,000 participant function.

Some users like Zoom because it’s accessible on both the browser and through remote desktop control.

Google Meet

If you want a free conference call number, you also have Google Meet as an option. Like Zoom, it limits what’s possible for free users. For instance, conferences are restricted to a single hour and no more than 100 participants.

Even when paying, Google Meet can only accommodate 250 participants tops. One nifty feature Google Meet has over competitors is the fact that you can get live closed-captioning in multiple languages. They also give you 15 gigabytes of cloud storage.

Webex by Cisco

Another promising free conference call app is Webex by Cisco. The conference limit is higher than Zoom but lower than Google Meet at 40 minutes per session. There’s also a limit of 100 participants for each meeting.

A useful function they include allows you to poll participants. This is a great way of increasing engagement during meetings. Your employees could also enjoy their time in the breakout rooms that Cisco provides.

Are You Ready to Get a Free Conference Call Number?

Now that you’ve learned all about the best free conference call number services for meetings, you can make sure that your business planning goes as smoothly as possible. Talking with multiple people at once and in real-time is much better than any outdated method.

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