Don’t Just Stick to the Old, Make a Combination of Both

Every owner of a firm/ shop/ big company wants their products to reach out to masses. Everybody wants to be the epitome of their business. In today’s world of competition, the race is not just to tell that we are the best but also to tell that we exist. This is all done by advertising. Advertising has helped business since ages to stand out of the crowd. One wants to get distinguished from their competitors.

Advertising in India has changed a lot from what it used to be earlier. Like every sector in India, even advertising is also growing. Some of the traditional methods that were used as advertising and some of them have been in use till date. These are:

  • Newspapers: This method is termed to be one of the evergreen methods and can be used to advertise almost anything that the company wants to advertise. The product that company wants to advertise is given in the newspaper with its features. This method has helped to attract masses.
  • Radio: The oldest version of advertising used to be through the radio. The host used to tell about a certain product and its description. 
  • Pamphlet:  This method was also opted by many businesses. This is also one of the oldest methods to advertise. Appoint some people and distribute the pamphlet to each and every house of the targeted locality.
  • Cable Television: It is still in use and it will be in the coming years as well. This is also one of the evergreen methods to advertise just like newspaper. This method is widely used by businesses for their product promotion. 

There are many modern ways that businessmen use to advertise their products. The modern ways of advertising are:

  • T-shirts printing: For advertising the product, businesses now have started making customized printed t-shirts. They distribute these t-shirts to the marketing officials and even to the employees working in a particular store or showroom. This has helped in reaching out to the masses. Custom T-shirt print in India is a new trend that is growing. Not only this but there are many firms that have started making t-shirts and taking orders online.
  • Mugs: there are customized mugs that businessman distribute to the employees, their authorized dealers and other people who are related to the company. Some companies also distribute it free with their product. So people get attracted and buy the product and even helps in getting other people attracted.
  • Key chain and Pens: This method is really useful to attract people. Companies tie up with the other companies that make pens and key chain. They start making their logos on those pens and key chain and distribute it to the employees and companies authorized dealers as well. When anyone meets the employee or the dealer they get to know about the company.
  • Bookmarks: This is particularly helpful for those companies who have e-commerce business, printing press or a bookstore. These companies can keep their bookmarks in books and people buying those books will get to know about that particular firm.
  • Magazines: Company can start their own magazine or a booklet in which details and features of their product will be given. They can reach out to masses by making this booklet available at every store/ showroom of that company.
  • Letterheads, visiting cards: The way and the source of promotion remains the same but the style changes. Companies nowadays want to compete and make the competition their winning streak. 
  • Notebooks/ Notepads: To reach out to every age group this is the best way to start. Everybody has a notebook in us whether any official or students. So it is better to have this sort of arrangement and reach out to the targeted audience.
  • Bags & carry Bags: Not every company goes for making their own bags as it turns out to be expensive but carry bags are made a promotional material by many companies. Some big companies may also distribute bags as well. These products are for premium members and for fixed clients. 
  • Clock is also one of the promotional methods opted by some businessman.

Trend of customized t-shirt online has taken a lot of attractions. The ultimate goal of advertising is not just to make the product available but also to tell about the existence of a particular product. Not only modern ways but even traditional ways are also used till date. The best advertising plan is the mixture of both methods. But there is a need to innovate in everything one is doing. Earlier advertising used to be just telling about the product but now it is to tell about the product/ firm as well as give something to everyone attached with the organization. This method has helped an organization a lot to stand out from the crowd.