Flutter Pros and Cons | Flutter for Mobile App Development

What is Flutter?

According to Indiashoppers Flutter is a software development tool from the component of Google that helps in the development of creating fast and gorgeous mobile apps which are available for iOS and android. It offers the most significant and basic technique of app design process for Google Fuchsia. Flutter has emerged into the market as an innovative app in the market that was formed in May 2017. Flutter is considered by remarkable Flutter which are widgets, foundation libraries and unique development kit.

Cross-platform apps have become popular nowadays with the growing business needs and augmenting competition. Some vital reasons for opting for cross-platform application development are faster speed of app development, lessening in app development charges, a reliable structure of development, enhanced efficiency, speedy development, faster market frequency, code reusability, ease of functioning, and many more. Flutter offers cross-platform applications that efficiently work on various platforms with consistency, reliability and enthralment.

Features of Flutter           

Here are some features of the Flutter mobile app development framework:

1. Hot Reload                                                 

The changes are done by the professional developers that can be used quickly with Hot Reload. This comes with great features and it is the most convenient for developers as it brings changes which are noticeable in the app itself. However, professional developers help to eliminate the problems within less time. This feature allows developers and designers to increase their insight further.

2. Cross-Platform Development         

Cross-Platform development saves enough time, energy and money. With using Flutter, you have to mention the code once, maintain the apps. With the help of Flutter, you can also develop for the Fuchsia platform which is an assessment OS in method at Google.

3. Accessible Native Features and SDKs

Your app development procedure gets handy and wonderful with the Flutter’s native codes, third-party integrations, and platform APIs. Thus, you can access the native features and SDKs on Android and iOS platforms and recycle the widely-used programming languages of Kotlin and Swift.

4. Minimal Code

Flutter is designed by using Dart programming language. Dart uses JIT and AOT set that assists to augment the complete start up time, and enhances the performance. JIT increases the development process with hot reload performance. It restores the UI without any hard work to create a new one.

5. Widgets

In Flutter, the widgets are offered with an initiative. It can develop custom-made and intricate widgets. Above all, Flutter comes with multiple sets of widgets from Material Design and Cupertino pack and it assists to offer an error-free experience across all other platforms.

6. Native Feel and Features

Flutter allows you to use your present code Java, Obj-C and Swift to get the solution to native features that comes with platform-specific. Camera and Geolocation are all unique features which are linked with the use of native languages and offer you with the ease of functioning in the native language and, it also offers smooth access to the native features of iOS and Android platforms.

Flutter is becoming the most preferred choice of developers in the world. In this blog, we will cover 10 apps built using the Flutter framework to showcase its capabilities. So, here we go

Which are the Popular App Made in Flutter? – Describe only 2 Apps – Google Adwords and Alibaba

The most popular app in Flutter is Google Ads and Alibaba and let’s knows about them:

1. Google Ads              

Google has used Flutter framework to compress a lot of Google Flutter apps and Google Ads which are all the extensively used apps. A complete overhaul from the old ads platform, the new app comes with thorough campaign information and offers fastest perceptive to developers. There are different exceptional features have been augmented by Flutter framework’s potentials and users can now cheer up their campaigns in progress.

2. Alibaba

Alibaba.com is one of the leading eCommerce platforms in the world. Making use of the Flutter, the platform has augmented its mobile app to enable global communication in its extensive marketplace. Alibaba mobile app designed with Flutter framework that reveals Flutter’s potentials as a framework to assist massive-scale eCommerce dealings.

Why Flutter? Advantages of Flutter 

Flutter assists in the flawless making of amazing mobile applications. Here’s how:

Exceptionally Fast App Development: Flutter comes with unique features such as Hot-reload, code changes in Flutter are considered immediately the modifications are done. The Hot-reload typically doesn’t take enough time to be done, and assists developers to retain high speeds and rapidity of speed for mobile app development. Flutter widgets help in the designing of native interfaces with no time. check out the best mobile app development and software companies in cleveland

Speediest Functioning of Applications: Flutter apps offer convenient and flawless scrolling experiences when it is used, without enough scratches.

Lower Efforts of Testing: Flutter apps are cross-platform, and the testers do not require working in a similar set of tests on different platforms, which comprises iOS and Android, for a similar app. Cross-platform application development allows applications to function on different platforms by mentioning the programming code only one time. This saves plenty of time for the testing team. 

Better Access of Native Features: It is easy to start a Flutter. Professional application developers can provide better accessibility to navigate native features of low-level devices where Flutter is setup. As it is cross-platform naturally, comes with codes written in present Swift, Java, Objective-C, and many more which is recycled several times.

Brilliant User Interfaces: Flutter comes with integrated design-centric widgets, innovative development tools, highly developed APIs, scrolling and navigation features, and lots more. Flutter assists in the designing of eye-catching and impressive user interfaces.

Reactive Framework: Flutters has a reactive framework, the developers don’t have to move further to renew UI contents manually. As the variables are renewed, the UI alterations will be notified automatically.

Better for MVP: Flutter is a perfect solution for developing MVP (Minimum Viable Product) apps that comes with fast development procedure and cross-platform nature. The cross-platform idea also helps in decreasing expenses when apps are designed and developed with Flutter.

Does Flutter have any Cons – Cons of Flutter?

Yes, Flutter has minimal cons which are:

  • Flutter offers a mobile application and it is not supported by website browsers. Flutter is not created for most device flexibility.
  • Flutter framework is innovative and new to market and its store is inadequate so developers need to create these storages themselves that involves extremely monotonous task.


With Flutter, the development processes have become simpler and faster which has achieved lots of extraordinary benefits that other technologies. It comes with the intent of knowing the prospective of flutter budding technologies so that developers can discover it dexterously in the entire top projects which ultimately transforms us to have delightful client result. You can also apply for Developer Jobs to know more about this field.