Saint Bernard Price in India, Size, Lifespan

If you want to know Saint Bernard price in India it starts from Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000. Saint Bernard – one of the rarely found breeds in India. You definitely get a very common image of this breed when its name is mentioned, which is a huge loveable dog that is wearing a barrel around its neck while saving people who are trapped in snowstorms. However, the reality is that there is a lot more to this breed available in the market. Even when you have a very cliched image of this breed in your mind, the reality is there are a lot more to this breed. 

OriginItaly and Switzerland
HeightMale: 28–35 inches (70–90 cm), Female: 26–31 inches (65–80 cm)
Weight140 – 180 lbs, 120 – 140 lbs
Lifespan8 – 10 years
ColorsRed & White, Reddish-brown Brindle, Reddish-brown Splash, Reddish-brown Mantle, Brownish-yellow
Price in India Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000

So today, we will talk about Saint Bernard and some of the most amazing traits that make them one of the best choices for your family. Irrespective of their size, this breed is still one of the most popular ones in other countries. So before diving into the reasons that make Saint Bernard a good dog, we will talk a little bit about its history.

Saint Bernard Price in India

Saint Bernard price in India is starts from Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000. You can easily adopt Saint Bernard dogs breed in India from different breeders. Saint Bernard price varies from cities to cities in India but it is easily available in popular India cities like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Kerala, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai. However, keep in mind that Saint Bernard price in India is on the higher side, and thus it is mostly referred to as expensive, which not everyone can afford. 

Saint Bernard History: 

The breed has its origin from the Roman Molossian dogs. In the late 1600s, Saint Bernard was first recognized and got the game as it worked as the helper for people. This breed was primarily the work animals that were used for pulling carts and known for being a good watchdog in some remote locations. However, after a few times, it was discovered that these breeds could easily locate the lost traveler and resume them by licking the face and cuddling up to give the warmth it needs. 

These beck barrel images of Saint Bernard has originated from the 19th century. This was the painting which is known as “Alpine Mastiffs Reanimating a Distressed Traveler by Edwin Landseer.” The painting features two dogs carrying barrels that were known for brandy. Even to this day, Saint Bernard appeals with the barrels in cartoons to commercials. 

So now that you have got some idea about the history, we will have a look at some other reasons that make Saint Bernard a great choice of dogs. 

Saint Bernard Size: 

Originally, St. Bernards was more like the German Shepherds that you can find these days. They are shorter and leaner and have a reddish-brown coat with a thin structure and a long tail compared to the modern-day Bernie. In order to improve their size, this particular breed was bred with the Newfoundlanders to improve the size. 

These days Saint Bernard has an average weight that weighs around 120 to 280 pounds, and they have a height from 26 to 30 inches. Such a huge frame means that they would take a longer time compared to the shorter ones to mature into adult size. Some of them will reach the size over the course of 2 years. 

Having Saint Bernard’s at your house will fulfil the need of having a house full of pets. Their fuller size will keep you contended along with their nature makes them one of the unique breeds amongst all others. All you need is to buy from a reputed and reliable breeder. 

Saint Bernard Intelligence: 

Just like most of the working dogs available to be kept at the house, Saint Bernard’s is considered one of the smartest of the breeds. They have the capability to learn quickly, which makes them very smart and intelligent. Only by giving them the training for 15 minutes every day you will find them learning easily. 

They can take up tasks that you want them to learn. Besides, their ability to quickly understand words makes it easy for the owners. Since they have a huge size, it is a good choice to start training them from an early age, especially when they are the ones who will spend most of their time at home. 

By educating them at an early age, you make it easier for them to do things when they grow old and large. This will help them understand their limits and, therefore, would not become much harder for you to maintain. Remember, a well-mannered pup is much easier to maintain. 

Saint Bernard Temperament: 

Saint Bernard are really smart, along with having the tendency to please the owners of the groups. They love to spend time with people, and they don’t like to be left alone. Besides, because of their size, their barks can be a lot fierce and make them a good choice for watch dogs. If you have a Bernie at your house, you can stay assured that there will be no trespassers at your home. 

Bottom Line:

So now that you have known in detail about Saint Bernard, you can choose one for you. However, make sure that you are aware of the Saint Bernard price before you choose one. 

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