June 19, 2024

Mudhol Hound Price in India: Breed Characteristics, Care and Maintenance

The Mudhol Hound, a breed that exudes grace and agility, has been a symbol of royal hunting expeditions in India for centuries. Known for its speed and keen sense of sight, this breed has evolved from a hunter’s companion to a beloved family pet. Let’s delve into the pricing of these majestic dogs before exploring their rich history, unique characteristics, and care needs.

Mudhol Hound Dog Price in India

The cost of a Mudhol Hound in India is influenced by factors such as the breeder’s reputation, availability, and geographical location. Typically, the price ranges from Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 15,000. Not only are they reasonably priced, but their maintenance costs are notably low, making them an affordable choice for dog lovers.

Here’s a quick glance at the price range across various Indian cities:

These prices are a testament to the breed’s accessibility and the growing interest in indigenous breeds in India.

History and Origin of the Mudhol Hound

Tracing its origins back to the Deccan Plateau, the Mudhol Hound has been a part of Indian history for centuries. Legends say that the breed was a favorite among the royalty of Maharashtra and Karnataka, used primarily for hunting and guarding. The Mudhol Hound has stood as a symbol of pride and cultural heritage, with its presence even noted in Indian literature and folklore.

Physical Characteristics

Standing tall and slender, the Mudhol Hound is known for its elegant appearance. They typically weigh between 22-28 kg and have a height of about 26-30 inches. Their coat, which can be found in shades like fawn, cream, black, and brindle, is sleek and easy to maintain. With deep-set eyes and a long, tapering tail, they embody agility and strength.

Temperament and Behavior

Despite their hunting background, Mudhols are known for their gentle and affectionate nature. They are loyal and protective of their families, making them excellent companions. However, they can be reserved around strangers, showcasing their discerning nature. Early socialization is key to ensuring they grow up to be well-rounded pets.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for a Mudhol Hound is relatively straightforward. Their short coat requires minimal grooming, and they thrive on a balanced diet and regular exercise. Due to their active nature, they are best suited for homes with ample space where they can run and play.

Choosing a Mudhol Hound

When choosing a Mudhol Hound, it’s crucial to select a reputable breeder who can provide health clearances and pedigree information. This ensures you’re bringing home a healthy, well-bred puppy. As a prospective Mudhol owner, be prepared for an active lifestyle and engage in regular training and socialization.

Mudhol Hound in Popular Culture

The Mudhol Hound has recently gained recognition beyond the realms of canine enthusiasts, thanks to its appearances in Indian media. These appearances have sparked an interest in preserving and promoting native breeds, contributing to a surge in their popularity.


The Mudhol Hound, with its rich history, distinctive features, and relatively affordable price, makes for a unique and rewarding pet. It embodies the spirit of India’s canine heritage and is a breed that deserves admiration and responsible ownership.

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