8 Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying a Luxury Watch

Shopping for luxury watches is one of the most exciting experiences every new and old collector will agree with. Aside from going through a selection of different timepieces, it’s also rewarding to discover new things about each manufacturer and model. If you are finding the perfect timepiece, this article may be a huge help for you.

We will give you a quick guideline on the different things that you need to ask yourself before buying a luxury watch. These questions will help kickstart your journey to purchasing the perfect timepiece that you can wear for a very long time. From the brands to the stores, here are some of the questions you need to ponder.

What model or brand should you go for?

The very first thing that you need to ask yourself is which brand or model would you choose for a luxury watch. Every watch manufacturer has different ways to express their expertise and prowess in watchmaking. Because of that, you may find it difficult to decide which ones are best for you. 

The key to finding the perfect timepiece is to widen your knowledge about all the brands. You should go beyond the popular brands in the market. For instance, you can check out other brands such as SevenFriday. It is a lifestyle brand that carries sophisticated fashionable products such as apparel and timepieces. It was only established in 2012 but this brand has already proven itself as one of the most eccentric watches.

How much can you spend on a luxury watch?

Once you have enough idea of the different choices available in the market, it’s time to ask yourself how much you can spare. It’s no secret that luxury watches cost tens of thousands of dollars. However, some are not that expensive. Some of the price ranges are only a little bit higher compared to regular watches.

It’s best to set a price range that you can afford. In that way, you are only spending the money that you can spare without compromising your savings or going into debt. Purchasing a luxury watch is something that you can plan ahead of time, anyway. So, if you want a more expensive timepiece, it’s best to save enough money before purchasing.

What types of features do you need?

One of the most important things that you need to know about luxury watches is that they come with different features and settings. While all of them have the same main function, to track time, each luxury watch brand is equipped with unique features that separate them from the rest. Choose a feature that is useful for you rather than spending extra money on something that you will not use.

Some luxury watches are made with advanced chronographs that are best for sports activities, dual time windows that fit travelers, and water or shock resistance for outdoor enthusiasts. Once you have identified your purpose for buying a watch, it’s easier to choose the right features.

What materials are best for your watch?

Aside from the features, it’s also important to identify which materials will suit you and your activities. Some of the luxury watches in the market are built with high-quality materials such as gold, silver, ceramic, and titanium. Each of these materials requires different maintenance to ensure its durability. Aside from that, the strap or bracelet of every luxury watch is also made with different materials. Some are leather, which is perfect for casual events, and some are made with rubber or elastics which is great for outdoor activities.

Once you already know when and where you’re going to wear the watch, it will be easier for you to decide as well which materials you should choose.

Do you need mechanical, automatic, or Quartz?

Luxury watches are very popular because of their complicated mechanisms and movements. Before identifying which movement will suit you best, it’s necessary to know more about each of them. For instance, automatic watches need to be worn often because it uses the kinetic energy from the movement of its wearer. Mechanical watches need higher maintenance because you need to wind them often to maintain their optimum performance. Quartz is the most user-friendly of all because you only need to change the battery when it runs out. Once you know more about these movements, you can now choose which of these is perfect for you.

Is it best to choose an analog or digital watch?

If you think that luxury watches only come in analog mechanisms, you’re wrong. There are luxury watch brands that have released digital watches nowadays. In some cases, they have a combination of both. By choosing the right mechanism, you will be able to identify the right model to add to your collection. 

Where should you buy your timepiece?

There are different ways to purchase a luxury watch. The most important aspect is making sure that you are buying from a legitimate seller. One of the most secure ways to purchase a luxury watch is directly from the brand’s boutique. Not only do they have the latest collection but you can also guarantee its authenticity. However, you can also check other legitimate third-party sellers such as jewelry shops and online watch stores like TheWatchShopping.com. Your orders can be delivered right to your doorsteps which makes it more convenient. 

Is it for investment or family heirlooms?

While some people find this similar, there is a huge difference between a family heirloom watch and an investment watch. It is for sure that luxury timepieces will appreciate their value as time goes by. It is one of the reasons why buying a luxury watch is never a waste of money. However, if you are aiming to have a family heirloom, choose a timepiece that will never go out of style and has a lasting mechanism such as automatic or mechanical.

Traditionally, pocket watches were being handed down from one generation to the next as it has a symbolic resonance that has long been carried.

For investment timepieces, it is best to check the current market first. Through time, the highest selling timepieces change depending on the quality and performance of the latest releases. Some brands that perform well in the past market are no longer the most coveted today. Because of that, the timepiece will not increase that much value. The key is to look for limited-edition releases to ensure its exclusivity.

In Conclusion

Before you spend a lot of money, decide thoroughly first. This goes for any type of investment or purchase. No matter how much you spend, you can guarantee that they will always be worth it for luxury watches.