DIY Nail Polish Storage Ideas for 2022

Cosmetics have gained quite a lot of importance in the 21st century. Although products of enhancing the visual appearance were used since long ago. A lot of time has passed since the manufacture of soaps and shampoos. Other than these, the makeup accessories like lipsticks and lip balms also originated long ago. 

The main reason for increase in the importance is due to the modernization and enhancement of interacting mediums of the humans. The sole reason is the advancement of technology, and through it, the social media.

Social media has created a lot of awareness among people on “what’s and why’s†of the uses of cosmetic products. One of the most used products offered by the makeup accessories of cosmetic is the polishes for nails. These are used to augment the features of hands in order to look more attractive. It helps to add colors and lining along the nails. People use this product daily while going to the colleges, universities, workplaces, parties, events, etc.

Packaging plays a very vital role in the products of cosmetics. These are used not just to safeguard the products during the process of shipping, but these are also used to uplift the brand name and to increase the value of product that is packed inside. As all of the products offered by cosmetic brands need a package for these reasons, there is much-wanted demand for the Nail polish boxes.

These boxes play a vital role to beautify the appearance of nail polishes, which in return helps to increase the sales of product. Nevertheless, what if you buy a number of polishes over time and you do not have a special storage for it? Spilling all this nail polishes in the drawers will create a fuss when deciding the one you want to put on. This is why people make their own shelves or storage’s for this product to ease themselves out. 

This section is all about the DIY nail polish storage ideas for 2022.

  • Triangle Shelves

One of the best and catchy way for the storage of nail polishes is to use the triangle boxes to make one. Some of the things that you will need for this DIY are as following:

  • Triangle shadow cases
  • A wooden board
  • Some balsa wood
  • Paint

You can start by removing the glass or plastic from the back and front of the triangle box. Follow this step with cutting the shelves out of wood to fit inside these cases. In case you cannot measure the distance of the shelves and size, take out the set of your nail polish and take out the tallest and the smallest one to make sure. Cut the wood using the saw and follow this step with lining the encasement with balsa wood. Use paints to color the shelves and finally hang the triangle shelf on the wall with your nail polish in them.

These wall hangers will not only create ease in storing the nail polish, but these will also enhance the features of your room. Moreover, the custom made ones at home look far better than the custom printed nail polish boxes storage’s bought from stores. In addition, these are cheaper too. 

Other than this DIY, there are four other ideas for you to love. These ideas are much easier and require less work. 

  • Spacious Solution

Some of the things that these racks require include wood, screws, dry anchors, and glue for wood, nail fillers, paints, and a hand saw. All that needs to be done is to cut the wood and glue them together by nailing them with nails for firmness. 

These racks can be painted to enhance the outlook according to the room. Moreover, it helps you to stock many nail polishes at once and if you have a beauty salon, these racks will serve you the best as you get Custom Nail Polish Boxes Wholesale. Many nail polishes require a good spacious solution.

  • Clear Boxes

These can be made out by using the see through plastic boxes. The plastic can either be painted or not. The outlook of these plastics increase automatically when nail polishes are stored in it. Moreover, these can be stored under the bed, in the drawer, or in the cupboard very easily.

  • Metal Spice Stand

A perfect solution for the nail polishes is to use the metal spice stand that was thrown in your backyard a long time ago. Using solution to remove the rust will make them look good as new. These spice stands can be filled with nail polishes and other makeup items, and can be fitted along in your washrooms. 

  • Vintage Racks

After you unbox your nail polishes from the Custom Nail Polish Boxes USA, you need a perfect storage for the safety and ease of use. There is nothing better than creating a vintage rack for your polishes.

Using two to three pieces of wood will do the deed. These boxes can be created with high quality polished wood, and there is no need for further enhancement. These can be hung in washrooms, room walls, in the cupboards, etc. to increase the appearance. 

To conclude, it can be said that the nail polishes need secure, durable, and fancy storage’s at homes and salons in order to maintain their catchy look of bottles and packaging. These DIY’s are the best way to achieve the best storage rack that you could ever wish for.

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