Debunking the Latest Fleet Management System Myths That Exist Today

Did you know that there are over 4,628 fleet managers in the USA?

Fleet management is a vital component for the successful operation of a warehouse and a distribution center. Despite the importance of fleet management in the logistics industry, several myths exist that deform the market.

In this guide, we will debunk the latest fleet management system myths that exist today.

1. Fleet Management Systems Are Expensive

The truth is, it’s more costly not to have a fleet management system.

If you consider the stiff competition in transport industries, fleet management systems reduce cost and increase productivity. Through vehicle routing, it’s possible to reduce fuel consumption.

Moreover, a truck dispatcher will help communicate to your drivers where to be, when to be and what to pick up conveniently.

2. Small Fleets Don’t Require Fleet Management Systems

The size of the fleet doesn’t matter. Fleet management systems benefit logistic companies, whether big or small.

Irrespective of whether you have 10 or 50 vehicles, you can always track their location and calculate effective routes through fleet management systems. Moreover, it’s easy to compile reports and improve customer service.

Don’t fall for this notion and opt for cell phone calls to stay updated about the location of your drivers. This is expensive and time-consuming.

3. All Fleet Management Systems Are Similar

Though various fleet management systems are similar, this doesn’t mean all of them are the same. All of them may allow you to trace the location of your trucks on the map, but not all of them are flexible enough to grow with you.

Also, a few fleet management systems don’t carry out vehicle tracking. With this in mind, always consider the features of a fleet management system before purchasing.

4. Implementing and Learning Takes a Lot of Time

Although selecting and installing a fleet management system is time-consuming, this time will be regained in a matter of days. Fewer phone calls, quick management, and easy management are some of the immediate benefits of fleet management systems.

On the other hand, learning how to use a fleet management system depends on how complex the user interface is. Normally, you should be familiar with the system in a matter of days if the vendor offers technical support.

5. Fleet Management Systems Invade Company’s Privacy

If you are in the trucking industry, you must have heard of this misconception.

In reality, they don’t. These systems aim to protect trucks against theft and help verify work performed. Also, it’s easy for drivers to communicate about their whereabouts easily.

Leverage Fleet Management System by Avoiding These Myths

Don’t let these misconceptions hinder you from adopting a fleet management system. These systems only aim at providing a competitive edge.

Irrespective of whether you manage a small or big fleet, there is a fleet management system for you. All you have to do is reach out to available vendors and weigh whether their systems are ideal for you.

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