Creepy Pennywise Color Pages for kids

Pennywise color pages: unique coloring pages not to be missed by the ghostly clown Pennywise

Many studies have shown that sounds and colors affect the development of children. For preschoolers, coloring activities will help them develop cognitive, psychological, and creative minds. Therefore, coloring pictures have become a necessary tool to support teachers and families in educating their children. Let’s explore the unique coloring pages. Pennywise coloring pages will be one of those secret coloring pages that your baby will love to discover.

Printable Pennywise color pages

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Pennywise color pages: Finding Pennywise’s true identity – The ghost clown is older than the Earth

When it comes to clowns, we all think of images of people wearing funny decorative costumes; their faces are made up of thick white layers, and their noses and lips are painted in a deep red color, making the faces funny face. The image of a clown is always close to everyone, especially children because this image is quite common in life. Clowns are images associated with funny games or magic shows that excite children. However, the truth is that not all children like clowns or not all children feel happy when they meet clowns. Because the image of the clown’s excessive makeup and costumes also makes children feel scared. And if we knew the story of the clowns in the IT movie about the scary ghost clown Pennywise, we would feel terrified. Because of that, let’s also discover who Pennywise is and why it makes people so afraid.

Where did the ghostly clown Pennywise come from

In the movie of the same name, IT is not simply an ordinary ghost clown but a creature that has existed since humanity was not born. The IT movie leaves viewers with a strong impression of the ghost clown Pennywise, a monster that likes to devour small creatures alive. And IT has been released in the world, and people have become even more curious about the image of this creature. Every 27 years, it wakes up with a crazed bloodlust, attracted by the atrocities taking place in the heart of the town of Derry. Not much is known about the first day that “IT” woke up, but on the second when the city of Derry was formed, IT devoured over 300 lives without leaving a trace. Hundreds of years have passed, and this small town has become a “hunting ground” for the monster disguised as a ghost clown.

IT is a creature that originates from the unknown in the Macroverse – the name for the dark space surrounding our universe. When it appeared billions of years ago like a meteor crashing on Earth, IT wandered underground and waited for the formation of humanity. With the development of people and the emotional fields inside their minds, IT takes fear as the perfect spice to season the innocent children who are considered the favorite victims of It is due to its pure nature that it is easy to be seduced. This creature set foot on Earth long ago, possessing limitless ghostly powers, able to change shape into anyone it wants. In the film, Pennywise transforms into many creepy characters in children’s imagination, such as Zoombie, Headless, and Doll, sometimes transforming into the victim’s loved one to manipulate the mind’s surname.

Pennywise, the clown, has so much power that if this isn’t a horror movie, it’s like we’re watching a solo film about a superhero villain. It can transform, create illusions, become temporarily invisible, self-regenerate, control the mind, communicate via telepathy, and move objects with the mind. In a nutshell, Pennywise is like the evil clown version of Jean Grey.

The prototype of IT is a serial killer.

IT lives inspired by John Wayne Gacy, a serial killer known as the Killer Clown that terrorized Americans in the 70s. John Wayne Gacy will dress up as a sexually assaulting clown. And killing underage boys, he committed at least 33 crimes in Illinois. He was finally arrested in 1978 and sentenced to death in 1980. Both Pennywise and Gacy Clowns were clowns who targeted young men in a specific area to commit murders. In addition, Stephen King also shared that he took Pennywise’s image from the clowns in life: blood-red lips, long pale orange hair, and a monstrous smile. He believes that this is an entertainment product created for parents, and for children, it is a nightmare, a giant monstrosity that always tries to seduce children.

Although “IT” is an ancient creature with great strength, it still has specific weaknesses. “It” is a spiritually sensitive entity that can be defeated by courage and love, even in its most demonic forms. When The Losers are together, their unity and love easily overcome the power of “IT” and repel it. Stephen King’s original shows that when IT transforms into a particular shape, it must obey the law of this shape. IT is not entirely immortal; its physical body can bleed, hurt, or be destroyed. IT can be eliminated during the 27-year hibernation period if attacked by surprise.

What is Pennywise’s power?

To carry out its cruel acts, IT must possess mysterious superpowers that make people always afraid. Illusion: It can create fantasies to seduce, play, and lead prey into traps. IT can also use its power to make itself invisible. It only manifests itself to its victims or to someone it wants to be detected; others will be unaware of Its existence. It can take on any shape or entity, regardless of whether it conceptually exists in the physical world of man or not. It can transform into a vampire, werewolf, or any other creature that serves the purpose of terror, threatening the victim it wants to eat. IT can telepathize with others, especially towards the victim he targets. It exploits and manipulates the victim’s memories, using that knowledge to create scary tricks suitable for different victims or influencing certain people to take advantage of them in the same way. IT can teleport quickly anywhere within the town of Derry but cannot do this outside the city. It produces thunderstorms and thunderstorms, which affect the general weather in the village of Derry. It is much stronger than normal humans and can also move at lightning speed. In addition, it is possible to recover physical damage after being attacked quickly. However, the powers of IT exist only within Derry; it cannot extend beyond this town. That’s why IT is always associated with the city of Derry and makes the people here scared. Every 27 years, human fear comes back again.

How popular is Pennywise?

The clown image in real life can make children very afraid and dare not approach, but when clowns appear in cartoons, cartoon pictures, or children’s toys, we won’t see clowns scary anymore. The image of the Pennywise clown has become popular with people worldwide; everyone is familiar with and impressed with the appearance of Pennywise, so we will not feel strange when those images appear in coloring products for children. If you or your child are lovers of horror movies and violent characters, you can let your child participate in coloring the Pennywise color page. We have lots of pictures of Pennywise for your child to explore through color. Pennywise printable coloring pages will be diverse and rich; children can freely choose the images they like best and then paint to make their clown look the most vivid. The picture of the clown is always associated with many colors, from the costume to the hair, the face, or the toys the clown holds; many great colors combine to create the attention of the audience. Therefore, parents can let their children see through full-color images of clowns so that children can feel the colors and have a choice of colors to combine in their pictures. Children will have the inspiration to create beautiful and lively clown pictures. Pennywise coloring pages are black and white coloring pictures that depict diverse and rich images, expressions, and actions of clowns. In real life, children all know that clowns are the initiators of fun, specializing in creating funny jokes to make people laugh around. Therefore, just looking at the uncle’s facial expression with his tomato nose and red mouth wide up to his ears, our children couldn’t help but laugh. The clown in the picture looks very funny but extraordinarily gentle and cute. Pennywise color pages are drawn with various animations to make children not feel bland and tasteless when learning to color. Children can use their imagination and thoughts to create scary or cute Pennywise images; it all depends on the color they will choose. Coloring for Pennywise color pages allows children to practice their quick thinking, rich imagination, creative personality, and color selection skills. Pennywise color pages often have many vibrant colors, so parents should let their children choose the colors to their liking to paint the picture more uniquely. There will be no mandatory standards, so your baby will be able to color and create freely without hesitation in choosing or thinking much.

Pennywise color pages will bring unexpected experiences for adults and Children

Through coloring activities for Pennywise color pages, children trying to control crayons to color in the correct position will increase their ability to grip the pen tightly and improve their ability to hold tasks and write correctly. Starting with coloring pages early, preschoolers can help develop these qualities, making writing more accessible and more natural in the future. Holding crayons, choosing colors, and placing colors in the right places can help foster strong hand-eye coordination in children. Pennywise coloring pages are black and white coloring pages with specific areas to paint, stimulating children to color in all the predefined regions. It helps to develop harmonious hand-eye coordination. It also helps to increase the child’s perception, especially if teachers and parents choose more challenging and complex drawings. From step-by-step coloring pages, children can also learn perseverance. Pennywise color page also helps children relax and be comfortable while unleashing their creativity on different artistic angles. When children are given a choice to color the different types of pictures and shapes they like, it will make them feel that they have completed a responsible job. Coloring pictures can help children recognize lines, composition, colors, tones, shapes, and patterns. As such, this aids the child in deciding which colors to use in the following pictures. Coloring pictures will give your child an opportunity to demonstrate their creativity. Each child creates a new world in their imagination before drawing it on paper. So give your baby the color box and let them use it as they please. It will bring results that exceed expectations because it forces the child to think about how to combine colors to create a vivid and attractive product. Children are exposed to the color chart for the first time through crayons. They begin to know the difference between blue, yellow, red, and pink. Using different colors is also an opportunity for them to explore color combinations. Pennywiseprintable coloring pages are pictures that require the use of many colors in combination, which is also a method to help children practice their ability to recognize and use colors better. Children who learn about palettes early will better understand creating and mixing colors.


The great thing is that most kids love to color, and it turns out it’s more than just a fun activity. It can also promote physical and psychological development in different ways. Start coloring early, and you’ll be contributing throughout your child’s life with positive benefits. Our coloring pages are not only for children but also for adults – people with many jobs and pressures of life. After a long day of work, they can participate in coloring for fun and relieve stress. Color has always lived evaluated as a factor of brain balance. Pennywise color pages hope to be an effective method of entertainment and learning for both children and adults. When you have fully felt the effects of coloring pages, people can learn more about other topics and characters of coloring sheets on the website to have more exciting experiences.

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