Buying Used Cars? Ask the Seller these Questions First!

When it comes to buying used cars in UAE,you may have already researched various makes and models extensively. Also, you would want to ensure that your money is spent wisely. For that, there are some questions you should ask before going all in and making a purchase.

Here is a list of all the questions you should be asking:

1.  What is the accident history of the car?

There are some websites and platforms that can help you to get answers to this question. These platforms can track if the car has ever been in an accident. So, make a point to check them even if the seller has already answered the question.

Apart from that, ask the owner of the car about the car’s history. Make sure that you verify the car title. It should be clear rather than salvaged or damaged one.

When the car is in a serious accident, many parts get replaced. So, the presence of aftermarket parts indicates a serious accident, and they may not have the same quality as the originals. If the owner tells you about the accident, inquire about the extent of damages and repairs. Furthermore, also ask if the car has been rented out earlier. Many people put their car for daily, weekly or monthly car rental Dubai options to earn a passive stream of income. Such cars are often damaged.

2.  What is the status of the car’s title?

You expect three answers when talking about a vehicle’s title. A clear title, not a salvage one, it is in the seller’s name, and the seller has it in possession. If the vehicle happens to have a salvage title, this means that the insurance company decided it would take more on the vehicle repairs than its actual worth. This is a red flag indicating that the vehicle has been in a serious accident that led to irreparable damage to the car.

Although you can buy cars with a salvage title legally, the value of the salvaged vehicle is less than the one with a clear title.

3.  How many people owned the car previously?

You would want to get a used car with only a few previous owners, depending on the age of the car, of course. If there had been many users of the car, it indicates a red flag. The car can have recurring issues the owner tried to pass on to the next. And multiple owners mean lack of service records, missed service work, and spotty maintenance.

4.  What is the reason for selling?

This would greatly help you in making your decision whether you want to proceed with the sale or not. Honest and straightforward answers are the best. Such as, we don’t need this car anymore. We need a smaller/bigger car. Or we are looking for a cheaper alternative, etc.

5.  Are there any pending repairs?

It is important to ask if there are any pending or serious repairs that need to be made. These include a faulty blinker, a broken air conditioner, or a noisy car part. The owner might not tell you this on their own even if you have inquired; therefore, it is best to hire the services of a professional.

7.  What about maintenance records?

Those who take care of their vehicles will surely have a record of its maintenance. It is important to know if they had gotten their car maintained periodically serviced. These services include brake pad replacements, oil changes, new tires, tire rotation, scheduled tune-ups, and radiator flushes. Make sure that you get a used car that is well-maintained.

8.  Is the car suitable for long trips?

When you are buying a used car, you would want it to be efficient enough for long trips. Ask the owner if they would be willing to drive their car across the country. This indicates that the car is reliable and does not have any issues that may have chances of emerging on a long trip.

It further demonstrates that the car can be driven for hours at a time without overheating, breaking down, or experiencing engine failure.

9.  Is the price negotiable?

If you have decided to buy the vehicle, it’s time to negotiate the price. You haggle a bit when you go to a dealership, right? Buying a used car shouldn’t be any different. Most of the sellers price their cars at a bit higher price than what they would actually like to get for the car.

Do not be afraid to negotiate. The worst thing that could happen is that he might refuse.

10. Can I take the car for inspection?

Do not ask for this until you are ready to buy the car. Look around for mobile mechanics for carrying out inspections like this. You should know that companies offering these services have a fine print in the contract that gives them protection against liabilities in case you buy a used car that they had inspected and major problems arose later on. Before paying money, do ask around, and thoroughly read the contract.

If you are new to Dubai, it’s recommended to rent a car first prior to buying it. This will give you an idea about its usability. For this, you can rely on One Click Drive. It’s the best car rental service in the emirate.

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