Business Security: How to Keep Your Company Safe Online

Do you think you can put off securing your company online and not suffer as a result? Reports show that $2.9 million is lost every minute to cybercrime. With so much on the line, you can’t afford to ignore your company’s security.

You need to take business security seriously if you use the internet to help manage your company. Keep reading to learn several tips that will help make preventing cyberattacks easier.

Set Up a Firewall

One of the first cybersecurity tips you need to implement for your company is to install a firewall. Your firewall will give you insight into what goes on in your business network. It sits in front of all traffic that flows in and out of your network.

The great thing about this is that firewalls contain a database that lets the firewall detect potential threats. If it sees traffic that shouldn’t be on your company network, it will stop that traffic from coming in to stop a cyberattack in its tracks.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

While good passwords are a great way to protect your accounts against hackers, they aren’t foolproof. Even if your employees don’t do anything to compromise their accounts, there are still ways for hackers to obtain login information.

Two-factor authentication will help protect you when this happens. Using two-factor authentication forces your accounts to send a secondary login code to a personal device. If you don’t have access to this code, you can’t log in to your account even if you have the password.

Train Your Employees

Having a great security system isn’t always enough to protect your company from cyberattacks. You still have to rely on your employees to take safe actions online. Unfortunately, they won’t always do so.

Your employees are one of the biggest security challenges you’ll face in business management. You need to train your team to help them understand how to stay safe on the internet. Have your team go through an online safety course or bring in an agency to train your team on internet safety tips.

Audit Your Third-Party Vendors

If you’re like many businesses today, you rely on third-party tools to make your business run. What you used to run on-site now runs in the cloud and out of your control. The question is, will your software vendors take security as seriously as you do?

Take a workplace rehabilitation provider, for instance. These companies will have access to highly sensitive information about your employees. You need to do your due diligence to make sure their systems are protected so your team doesn’t end up suffering as a result of a data breach.

Don’t Take Business Security Too Lightly

With cybercrime at an all-time high, securing a business online is something you can’t afford to get wrong. One simple mistake can break business security, so make sure you use the tips above to keep your business safe online.

Once you secure your company against threats, you can start taking advantage of everything technology can offer. Check out the blog to learn how you can make technology work for your business.