A Beginner’s Guide To Pay Per Click

What Do You Understand By Search Engine:

There is so much competition in the marketplace. It is very hard to sell your product when so many other companies are trying to do the same. But if you do smart marketing then you will become a big fish in a little pond. For doing business it is really important to learn marketing skills. There are many strategies out there that helps your business to grow more and one of them is search engine marketing. It is known to be one of the best skills to adept.   

Search engine marketing is the best way to grow your business effectively. It is the best way to promote your product by advertising online. When a user of google search about some product then your product would appear alongside a search query. Businessmen give a huge amount of money for advertisements to appear on google and bing pages. This helps a lot for advertisers and businessmen as the products which appear on google  come into sight of users of google. 


Sem always include “Ad†designation:

Search results that appear look different for both seo and sem . Paid ads are always included in the result of sem whereas these do not appear as a result of seo search.


Cost is an important factor . As sem are paid ,so the brand is being charged each time a user opens the result. NO such thing in seo.


Another common but important difference is the audience visibility. Only a specific targeted audience is able to view through sem, whereas in seo no such thing is there so anyone can view the results.

Types Of PPC Ads:-

The ads that appear online are known as pay per click ads. There are many types of ads depending on the purpose. There are many types of ads like

Paid search marketing:- 

This is the common type of ads where google and bing providers show your ads. You have to write and select certain keywords and select the location of ads. When the users will type that keyword then your ads will appear alongside of it.

Display advertising:-   

They help to increase brand awareness. They are linked to the website  audience visit. They appear in the form of images or banners but it has lower conversions and lower click through rate. 

Social media advertising:- 

They help to achieve a high click through rate as the platforms here included are facebook and instagram which have a lot of users to see your ads. People mostly use this type of advertising to promote the product. Even it has a separate section for ads.

Remarketing PPC advertising:- 

In this, they target the audience by showing products related to their previous searches. They use cookies on web browsers which include the ads of products. Cookies help a lot in business as they bring forth the detailed information about the users who visit particular sites and then accordingly they target the audience.

Price comparison website advertising:- 

They provide a lot of websites where customers can compare their products. This helps a lot to lead generation companies as they help to find customers who are looking for the product. They display the prices of products and special offers when users click on the ads and then customers can buy directly from owners. 

Affiliate marketing:- 

This type of marketing is very powerful as they associate with partners and give commission to them for bringing the customers to their sites. It helps your brand to reach all over the world and provide customers from around the world. People generally stop at your website for seconds and in those seconds only you have to make the people your customers. Websites should be eye catchy. Include  banners, posters, content, videos, new technology and anything you can to make your website beautiful. 

PPC Marketing:

PPC marketing allows your products to appear above search results. When users search for specific keywords and your ads appear. Everytime someone clicks on the advertisements then you get payment for it. You need a lot of budget and information for creating ads and campaigns otherwise it will disturb your budget and you will not get a proper network. You need to be cognizant for this work.

  • Advertising formats:- the texts, images, videos, call-only and advanced technology that you might want to include in your ads to make it beguiling. 
  • Ad networks:- google ads, microsoft, gemini and many that you require to increase your network. 
  • Terms and acronyms:- the fonts and quality score you require. 

Four C’s Of PPC:-

  • Click through rate- if you have searched a keyword on google and you find a link on one website. Then how many times you click on that link is the click through rate. It is basically an algorithm of google. If an ad is shown 1000 times and 100 times you have clicked on it then it will be calculated as 10% of CTR. That is, impression/no of views. You have to make sure that you add proper keywords in it and make your link attractive. It is very important to keep your site links on. 
  • Cost per click- you find an ad and click on it then how much marketer has invested over that click is known as cost per click. The less your CPC is the more will be the quality of your campaign. But mostly you get conversions of 3% but if you have less cpc and more conversions then it will be profitable.
  • Cost per acquisition- how much a businessman going to spend for one conversion comes under cost per acquisition that is how many clients you can acquire. Under 100 people only 10% of people will click on the ad. It depends on the category of ads. If the conversion rate is high then acquisition cost will be low. You have to change the banners of ads. When you run two ads simultaneously in the same category then you have to choose which ad gets high conversion. This will decrease your CPA. 
  • Conversion rate- it is also known as success ratio. It is basically how many people have converted. So how to improve conversion rate? If a person lands on your website but the website is not good. You have to focus more on UI/UX and make sure that your loading time of the website is less. 

Wrapping Up;

Email marketing is one the best ways to promote your brand or reach out the customers. But a time can come when you run out of people ,like now whom to send . That’s where pay per click comes in play . It displays the ads to people who are actively looking for the products.

CRM Strategy offers you invaluable insights and a lot more info on customers that will help you when it comes to displaying your ppc campaigns. It helps in increasing the contacts in the database , drives shoppers to the site after watching ads, and maximizes the success rate.

PPC is the best option to reach out to the customers if they are searching for the product related to your business. But you have to practice effective ppc marketing. You have to assess whether you want to spend the budget on clicks or on conversion rate. Budget should be maintained properly. It should squander on ads and other tactics also. Driving the ppc campaigns help in determining the budget by audience, competitions and customers. Google display networks are best for the promotion as they know the right place and right time for the promotion. 

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