Things to Consider Before Buying Gold Jewellery

Gold – one metal that does not need any additional description. This is one of those very few metals that have an unimaginable shine to it. The amazing glow offered by this metal makes it extremely pleasant to the eyes. This is one of the known and precious metals across the world. Perhaps, you are here as you are about to make an investment in gold jewelry, and since you don’t want to take the wrong steps, you are looking for the best way to approach it.

Indeed you are right.

There are tons of factors that make its contribution to the huge price of this metal. Gold is said as an asset as it is the one way during uncertain times. If you own gold, you certainly have no risk. With the availability of tons of gold jewellery manufacturers around the world offering a range of designs, buying gold might not seem that tough as it was in previous times. However, with the availability of so many options, it again increases the chance of getting bluffed,

Buying gold is definitely not at all easy. You should always be very mindful of the steps you take in order to take the best steps while buying from an online jewellery exhibition. Your grandmother and mother would have done the same.

So let us have a look at it in details:

Check the Cost of Gold per Gram:

Even before you go out shopping or look for gold on some online website, you should always make sure to check the cost of gold per gram. You can start checking on the internet from a reliable website instead of browsing several websites to make sure you know the way it differs. Keep in mind that the gold prices might differ a lot in different showrooms. The reason for such differences is that they are coming from various gold associations. However, most usually, it maintains similar rates.

Pure Level:

This precious metal is available in several purity levels and which has an impact on its price directly. For example, 24k gold is considered as the purest form, which means 100% gold. This is malleable, and hence these are mostly used for ornaments using another alloy. However, this alloy also has an impact on the pie.

Suppose 22k of gold means 91.6% of gold as it has 2 parts of metals and 22 parts of gold. Similarly, 18k gold consists of 6 parts of other metals and 18 parts of the gold, which makes a total of 75% gold.

Therefore before you look forward to buying from an online jewellery exhibition, make sure that you do in-depth research of the gold that you are willing to buy, and then based on purity levels, you can check the rates.

Certification of Genuinity:

You must emphasize checking the certification. There is always a need for carrying the certification by the BIS. So no matter if a jeweler guarantees that they are offering genuine gold without the Bureau of Indian Standard certification, it is definitely not a great deal. As per the Quint, gold that contains Hallmark is a sign of purity and quality. 

Therefore, irrespective of investing on gold coins or on the gold that you are willing to wear, make sure that you check the BIS hallmark. This is a certain need for the buyers to check when it comes to buying anything of gold.

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Other Associated Charges:

You should know that gold prices are never straightforward. Sellers will never say you the charges until you really ask about it. Therefore make sure to ask about it. Apart from the price per gram, the chances are always there that you require paying for the other making charges along with the wastage. The additional costs that you generally find might differ as per the ornament along with it varies a lot from one to another seller. Once you choose a piece that you are willing to buy, you can understand the additional charges that you have to pay.

The most interesting point that you require noting is that intricate pieces have higher levels of impurity. The reason for this is they require even more copper to make it more malleable. Therefore, even when the gold price remains the same, making charges will vary a lot.

Check for the Buyback Terms:

Apart from all of these, it is advised to look for the buy-back terms. This is generally asked from the sellers or gold jewellery manufacturer. You also need to confirm the price that they will offer later in case you choose to exchange it. Undeniably acquiring the full payment is closely impossible while exchange, but you can at least acquire close to the real amount.

Lastly, don’t forget to ask for the bill while you are purchasing the piece. It must include all the necessary details to ensure transparency. So these are some of the most common things that you require checking while buying from a gold jewellery manufacturer or from a retail shop.