Maintaining PPC Marketing Performance During COVID -19 Pandemic

A lot of marketers are slowly grasping the true impact of a pandemic. As professionals who have to study and influence human behaviour, marketers are realizing how things can change in a flash when something as significant as a pandemic hits the fan.

All things which were guaranteed by the reach of marketing platforms suddenly are not. From SEO to social media, marketing campaign are failing on every level as people are losing interest in being sold something. As the saying goes, people have bigger fish to fry now.

As many marketing structures have collapsed, so has PPC marketing. If you set a PPC strategy in motion a month back without accounting for the current COVID -19 Pandemic, you must already be seeing red numbers. This is the case for professionals across the industry. This is a setback and the most important thing right now is to come out of it.

How can PPC marketing performance be managed in a crisis like COVID -19 Pandemic? We discuss some ways this crisis can be mitigated.

Get The Social Messaging Right

Your marketing message, even in a PPC ad, should address the current crisis and wish people the best. People want the brands and businesses they like to be less promotional and more socially aware of this critical period in time. Sending out messages which promote social distancing, hygiene, and health-focused living is the first step in saving face and getting the customers onside.

This can also be a good step in building a positive brand perception. Even a simple short message like ‘Honor Social Distancing’ at the beginning or somewhere in the marketing message is enough to get this part right.

Focus on Words Like Online Service

Whatever it is that you’re selling, your customers won’t be leaving their homes to buy. The products or services your selling either have to be provided online. Thus, use words which people are looking for right now. If you’re selling products, use words like home delivery. If its services you’re offering, mention ‘online services’ to give the audience peace of mind. In this crisis, people are looking for assurances and your PPC strategy should reflect the same.

In Conclusion

PPC marketing is crucial for the growth and visibility of a brand. Big and small brands rely on paid search to reach their customers. However, this pandemic has exposed a lot of fatal flaws in the way professionals plan for challenging scenarios. In this article, we covered how PPC marketing performance can be maintained. You can also go through a list of top ten digital marketing course institutes to know more about this topic & can also subscribe us for more articles like this.

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