A Basic Guide to Saving Money on Prescriptions

Are you among the millions of Americans who spend over $1,200 on prescriptions each year?

If you’re tired of breaking the bank to take care of your health, you might be wondering what you can do to make buying medications more affordable. The good news is that there are tons of clever tricks out there that can save you a fortune without sacrificing the quality of your medicine.

Do you want to learn how you can start saving money on prescriptions? Keep reading for strategies that can lead to significant discounts.

Always Ask for Generic Brands

Anyone on the lookout for cheap medications should always ask their doctor if there’s a generic version of whatever they’re prescribed. A common misconception is that generic medication is low-quality, but they often contain the same ingredients. For example, if you need a Jublia alternative, Efinaconazole is the generic version that works just as well, but you won’t have to pay for the brand name.

Request Bigger Doses

Doctors tend to prescribe pill doses that can be taken with ease for your convenience. However, if you don’t mind spending some time chopping up larger pills into smaller quantities, you can save lots of money by sizing up. Medication is cheaper to produce this way, but you’ll just have to be diligent about being careful with the knife and cutting the right portions.

See If You Can Order in Bulk

Another easy way to cut your expenses is to ask if your doctor can write more long-term prescriptions. For example, instead of getting your medicine in 30-day supplies, perhaps they’d be willing to do 90-day supplies. Not only will this keep your health bills lower, but you’ll also save time when visits to the pharmacy are less frequent.

Use Tools for Saving on Prescriptions

Many valuable resources like GoodRx can scan your local area to find the cheapest pharmacy for your specific medication. Since every pharmacy sets different prices, these tools eliminate any shocking surprises. Best of all, you can be confident you’re getting the best deal.

Consider Shopping at Online Pharmacies

America is in a crisis when it comes to healthcare, which is why it’s worth considering taking your business elsewhere. Thanks to the internet, it’s never been easier or safer to order prescriptions from reputable foreign pharmacies at a fraction of the cost in America.

Saving Money on Prescriptions Is Easy

If you’ve been wondering how to start saving money on prescriptions, this guide has everything you need to know. Once you try any of these simple tips, you’ll be amazed by how much cheaper your medicine will become.

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