June 19, 2024
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Dealing With Spine Fractures After A Plane Accident

Plane accidents are known to cause a wide range of injuries. 

One of the most common injuries being spine fractures. These injuries range from minor to major. 

Spine fractures affect the victim mentally, emotionally and socially. The worse thing is that one has to spend money to cater for the injuries, which may be for a lifetime.

If you experienced severe back pain immediately after a plane crash, there is a high probability that you have suffered from a spine fracture.

This article will expound on common spine fractures and the best strategy to obtain compensation.

Spine Fractures After A Plane Accident

A spine fracture, also referred to as a broken back affects the spine’s vertebrae. The injury may cause a permanent change in a victim’s sensation, strength or inability to use other body functions.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, spine injuries after a plane accident are not rare. Some result in fatal injuries or even death. After an accident, it’s always advised that victims get medical attention immediately. 

There are common symptoms of spine fractures. They include:

  • Back or neck pain
  • Bladder or bowel changes
  • Paralysis
  • Numbness
  • Trouble twisting your body
  • A curve in your spine

   Studies show that there are three common spine fractures experienced after a plane crash, they include:

  1. Compression fractures: This is the most common form of fracture related to plane accidents. The fractures occur as a result of sudden force, which inputs pressure to the vertebra.
  2. Burst fractures: This is caused by trauma resulting from the vertebra being crushed by great forces. The force causes vertebrae to be fractured in various places. These injuries are more severe than compression fractures.
  3. Flexion-distraction fractures: This also occurs due to sudden push to the body that increases stress.

An experienced doctor can differentiate between more stable fractures than others. Depending on the severity of your case, you may undergo medical or surgical treatment.

 Planes are relatively safer compared to their transportation counterparts, and incidences of accidents resulting in injuries may be rare. However, when accidents happen, they cause catastrophic injuries with much higher rates of wrongful deaths in Alaska.

If after your plane accident, you developed the above signs, you need careful inspection and examination. Your doctor may conduct sensory tests to determine the extent of your spine fractures. Such tests may include X-rays, MRI or CT scans. Surgery may be the option for severe cases.

 Also, you will need to improve your motor functions to maintain health wellbeing; all this requires money. You may feel that every aspect of your life is affected. With the best treatment and rehabilitation, you may have a productive life. To ensure you get back on your feet, you may choose to discuss your options with a lawyer. 

Remember that your recovery period may be between 6-12 weeks. This means that you will have missed work, among other opportunities. This requires adequate compensation. Your financial compensation will depend on the severity of your spine fractures.

Negotiating Your Plane Accident Claim

If you have been injured, you may wonder how to go about your compensation process. Any plane accident claim will depend be based on:

  • Domestic flights laws
  • International flights laws that rely on Montreal Convention. This requires that victims be compensated under strict liability.  But, you will only need to show you suffered from a spine fracture.

You can consult an  aircraft accidents attorney in Alaska to help you work out your claim based on the mode of travel you used.

With the best compensation, you will have a good chance of obtaining all the necessary benefits for your spine injury.

The majority of airline cases are settled way before trial.

Thus, it would pay to have a lawyer who understands the complexity of such cases and the process of such claims to result in meaningful settlements.

In fact, courts encourage parties to a case to participate in early settlement. This could include the use of alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation or arbitrations. 

Settlement negotiation helps a plaintiff prove the value of your case to the other side. You or your loved one will have significantly suffered from spine fractures. While settlements will hasten the process of compensation, your financial goal as a plaintiff will matter.

This will determine whether you will settle or seek a judgment. But the truth is that most insurance companies avoid the burden or expense associated with going to trial.

For that matter, your lawyer should be conversant with airline cases. This is the only way they can make an accurate assessment to ensure you get a favorable settlement.

Again, your lawyer should be in a position to advice you on whether the settlement may be appropriate in your case. This should include information as to whether there is adequate information about the liability of the liable party. In case of trial, you should be informed at the outset of the trial process.

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