7 Ways to Support Black Owned Businesses

8 out of 10 black business owners in America report that due to their race, they face more obstacles.

These entrepreneurs have a hard time accessing financing and making people take them seriously. Sadly many people downplay the plight of these entrepreneurs. And the ones who’re empathetic about the situation don’t know how to help.

So, what can you do as an individual to help these black business owners?

Keep reading to learn seven ways to support black-owned businesses.

1. Buy from Black-Owned Businesses

The easiest way to support black owned businesses is by buying from them. Understand that most of these businesses struggle to generate sales. So, by buying from them frequently, you help them boost sales and earn profits.

2. Promote these Businesses

Many black-owned businesses struggle to get the word out about their existence. To help these businesses consider promoting them to your friends and relatives. The great thing is with social media, it is easy to advertise these businesses, and it’ll cost you nothing.

3. Write Honest Online Reviews for Black-Owned Businesses

Many small businesses have a hard time persuading people to review them. Most of their customers see writing reviews as a waste of time. Others choose to troll these small businesses by posting false and misleading reviews.

So, to help out these businesses start writing honest online reviews about their services and products.

4. Speak Out Against People and Institutions that Undermines these Businesses

Some companies and people go out of their way to hurt minority-owned businesses. These people and institutions may make it hard for these businesses to access financing or keep making fun of them. So, to help minority-owned businesses, you need to speak up against these ills.

5. Offer Discounted Services and Products to these Businesses

The other way for supporting businesses owned by black entrepreneurs is by offering discounts. Understand that most of these businesses are struggling to secure financing. That means they have a limited budget for understanding various functions.

So, if you’re a marketer, you can support by offering discounted marketing services to these businesses.

6. Avoid Services that Take Advantage of Black-Owned Businesses

To support locally owned businesses consider avoiding services that take money away from them. These can be large eCommerce shops that make it hard for these local businesses to earn money.

7. Diversify Your Company’s Workforce

Diversifying your workforce empowers your employees to have money to support minority-owned businesses. Besides, you give minority groups opportunities to learn how to manage a business by being your employees.

Help Change Things by Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

It’ll take all of us to help black-owned businesses to overcome the unfair obstacles they face. The great thing is that simple things like buying from these businesses play a huge role. Also, make the effort of promoting black-owned companies on your social media accounts.

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