5 Tips for Running a Promotional Event

Here’s a statistic you need to know!

60% of business leaders believe that event marketing will be one of the most critical marketing channels in order for them to achieve their goals! 

The reason you’re thinking of running a promotional event is to highlight a certain product or service that is new or perhaps just needs a boost. The secret to hosting successful promotional events is for them to run smoothly. 

Keep reading for the ultimate five tips on running a great promotional event! 

1. Prioritize Design 

It’s important when you’re planning and designing your brand that you follow your brand guidelines. 

The design elements of your brand need to be absolutely true to your brand’s logo, colors, tone, and personality. Make sure that promotional items are clearly branded and that everything fits the mold. 

2. Try To Be Unique

Consumers are inundated with promotions and sales and advertising every day of their lives. Sometimes we walk through the grocery store and we can be stopped by two or three promotional people trying to sell a product. 

Doing something unique is how you stand out from the crowd. Things like giant inflatables or even funky, relevant gifts can help people remember your product. 

3. One Message Only 

It’s tempting to throw all your products and services into the mix when you’re throwing a promotional event but don’t!

You’re going to lose the effectiveness of your campaign if you try to sell too many things in one event. Focus on one and you’ll get the maximum effect. 

This is also true for what your message is, don’t try to have too many activities and too many promotional messages. 

4. Promotional Staff Are Key 

The people running your event are the face of your brand during the time that your event runs. Your event staffing solution is going to be a large factor in what makes your event successful or a failure. 

The staff at your event need to be confident and enthusiastic, as well as knowledgeable about the product they’re meant to be talking about. 

5. Check Out The Industry 

One way to throw a totally successful promotional event is to have a look at what your competition and others within your industry are doing with their promotions. 

Try to get inspiration from your competition, other businesses within your industry, and even from completely unrelated businesses throwing promotions. Something could work for a different industry that could translate well to yours. 

The Perfect Promotional Event 

There is no such thing as the perfect promotional virtual event. 

All event management people will tell you that you should always plan for something to not go completely right but you need to be willing to roll with the punches. 

Plan as best you can but be open to spontaneous problem solving and don’t worry, everything will work out fine so long as you have a clear goal in mind for your promotional event. 

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