July 14, 2024

Indian Horse Breeds | Best Horse Breed in India

Horses are one of the most commonly and widely used species that have been a part of the heritage for a long time now. It has been centuries when the finest horse breeds are used for personal and work purposes. 

Therefore if you are here to find out the best horse breed in India that you wish to adopt then you are just on the right platform. Here we will find out the details of the different Indian horse breeds along with checking some of the most common characteristics. Depending on the information that we will provide, you will be able to make an informed decision. 

So to find out the answers to your questions, let us find out some of the most common Indian horse breeds that you can find in India. 


Best For Riding, Polo, Endurance and Work
Height60 inches
Weight 270-300 kgs
ColoursBay, white, dun, grey, and palomino
BloodHot blood
Lifespan 30years

Kathiawari is another most common breed that is known for its strength. They are known to have very unique and amazing ears that look both tight and short. You will find this particular breed in 13 different variations of colours that are very unique. However, you won’t find any of them completely black in colour. They are available in a concave eye shape along with small heads.  

These horses are most popular due to their alertness, faithfulness, bravery and loyalty. Besides all of these, they are high spirited, intelligent and affectionate breed. These are the types of breeds that are string, slim and active. As they have great loyalty and stamina, they will make sure to save you in any given situation. They are the best horse breed in India. 


Best For Work
Height50 to 60 inches
Weight 260-345 kgs
ColoursBay, grey, chestnut
Lifespan 30years

This is one of the most common Indian horse breeds available that you can choose. This breed resembles the Mongolian and Tibetan equine breed because of the short and thick necks that they have. The pronounced jaw and their large heads are some of the most prominent features of this breed. You will find them having a low wither and a straight shoulder. The well-set short tail is another major feature that helps in the process of recognizing. 

They are known for having great strength and working hard. They are mostly quiet in nature and do not make much sound unless necessary. The resilient yet strong character makes it a demanding horse breed in India. They can easily adapt to cold climates however they are definitely not at their best self in the warm weather. Even when they are very hardworking, it does not take much to maintain them. You don’t have to put extra effort into maintaining them. 


Best For Riding, Polo, Endurance, Jumping and Dressage
Height60 inches
Weight 360-385 kgs
ColoursBay, brown, palomino, grey, and chestnut
Lifespan 30years

This is one of those very common and easily recognizable Indian horse breeds available in the market. They have upturned ears and the straight facial profile along with the Roman head nose makes it one of the easily recognizable ones. They love to get attention and are a social breed. 

They have a long back, deep chest and a pronounced croup along with the hotblooded self that can walk smoothly makes it very demanding. They have the ability to perform a range of tasks and their high spirit and loyalty make them one of the best choices. Their amazing stamina and ability to survive in any given condition makes them a worthy choice. 


Best For Riding, and working
Height36 – 48 inches
Weight 160-185 kgs
ColoursBay, black, palomino, grey, and chestnut
BloodCold Blood
Lifespan 22 – 25 years

This is one of those very few amazing species that looks more like the Mongolian and Tibetan horses. This particular breed comes from the North Indian mountains and they have the ability to move on the icy terrains very smoothly. As they are mostly from the icy region, they tend to stay comfortable in the cold regions and cannot grow in the hotter climates. 

They have a strong body and are very compact in size and their erected ears and black eyes are the reason why they are one of the most prominent ones. They can easily work at high altitudes and are known to have great endurance and stamina. They do not have any major health problems but you need to make sure to maintain a healthy environment. 


Best For Riding, endurance, racing and working
Height48 – 55 inches
Weight 180-200 kgs
ColoursBay, grey, and chestnut
Lifespan 28 – 34 years

Manipuri horse breed is again another name that has a muscular back, straight profile, string chest and wedge head-shaped. The shop[ed shoulders and the strong legs add to their characteristics that make it a great choice. Compared to other breeds, they are very light and shorter in size. They are also known for their great appearance. 

These are some of the most elegant and intelligent breeds and are known for their speed and stamina. They are extremely agile and are tough. These breeds are mostly known in polo racing and military transport. They are found in an amazing 70 variants of colours and are very quick in action but can be controlled. 


Best For Riding, and working
Height48 – 55 inches
Weight 320-450 kgs
coloursBay, black, brown, grey, and chestnut
Lifespan 28 – 30 years

Zanskari horses are another common breed that are the native Himalayan horses. This is the  best horse breed in India. It is believed that it is a breed from the Tibetan pony. The erected ears, medium-sized body, deep chest, and predominant eyes are some of the basic features. Besides they have a huge and heavy tail that makes them easily recognizable for people.

The glossy and long manes make them a popular choice, They can run swiftly and have a uniform movement.  This is also a horse breed that is used by people for pleasure riding. They are good for the cold places and they are very obedient in nature. Being hardworking and very intelligent, this horse breed can be a good choice for you. 


Best For Riding, and working
Height56 – 60 inches
Weight 320-450 kgs
Lifespan 30 years

This is one of the most common and popular breeds for desserts. This breed has the capability of enduring heat. Being a desert horse, it can easily mould itself to any situation. It comes with the natural armour that gives it stamina and is also known as the Mustang of India. 

You will find as many as 4000 Kachchhi-Sindhi horses available. The roman nose and curb=ved ears are some of the most common features that you need to check. They have a height of 50 to 60 inches along with a small back which again becomes easy to recognize. 


Best For Riding, and working
Height52 – 54 inches
Weight 150-200 kgs
ColoursCommon colours
Lifespan 30 years

The name Chummarti has been given after a wonderful valley in Tibet. By this, you definitely have understood that they have originated in Himachal Pradesh. They are the same as the breed of Spiti horse. They have the potential of carrying loads in the higher altitudes where there are no other modes of travelling. 

They have the ability to ride as the 5 giants, the well structured body, compact, solid and muscular makes it a hard-working and strong breed. They have the ability to survive in even challenging conditions. This is a great choice for the hilly areas. 


Best For Riding, and sports
Height56 – 60 inches
Weight 150-200 kgs
coloursRoan, bay and brown

This is one of the rarest breeds of horses that are mostly known for stunts. This is the result of crossbreeding the Arabian and Turkic breeds. They have curved ears, straight back, strong limbs, sloping shoulders and rounded hindquarters. 

The breeds are mostly used in war mounts as they can easily survive any condition. They have a very obedient nature and are mostly used while riding and doing sports. They are mostly found in brown coats and are available in medium size. 


Best For War Horse
Height52 – 54 inches
Weight 150-250 kgs
coloursCommon Colors

This is one of those Indian horse breeds that served during the famous World War II. They have well-built muscles and have a proportional body which offers them the strength to do the many jobs. If you wish to buy a different species, you can choose this breed. 

They are known for their hard working nature and have a proportion of weight and height. Their strong nature along with being calm in nature makes it a good choice if you wish to buy a great breed. 


If you are looking for the best Indian horse breeds, then the above-mentioned are some of the most common names. If you choose any of them depending on your requirements.

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