Maine Coon Cat Price in India, Behavior and Fun Facts

The Maine Coon is a massive kind of house cat. It has a distinct physical appearance as well as excellent hunting abilities. Maine Coon cat is one of North America’s oldest natural breeds of cat. Maine coons are a faithful, and family-friendly cat breed in is also known as “the gentle giant”. People like them more because their behavior is human friendly and they like to live among humans. Maine Coon is One of the World’s cutest and honest Cat Breeds.

OriginMaine, New Englander
HeightIt is 70-100 cm long & around 40 cm tall
Weight5 to 9 kg
Life Span13 to 14 years
Price In IndiaRs 15000-20000

Body Features

It has a shaggy, thick coat, medium-length legs, and large paws. It features a broad face shape and big eyes that draw people’s attention. Vocal Cats is another name for it. This breed’s cats are primarily brown, although it also comes in a variety of different colors. 

They can also range in length from medium to longline. It has a distinct ruff along the center of its chest, a strong bone structure, and a rectangular body shape.

Behavior of Maine Coon Kitten

It is the most faithful cat breed on the planet. They are social and loving cats who enjoy human relationships.

Maine Coon Price in India

Want to adopt or buy Maine Coon cat in India? Maine Coon cat price in India varies from 15000 to 20000 depends upon the breeders and cities.

Pune Rs 15000-20000
Kerala Rs 15000-20000
Bangalore Rs 15000-20000
Delhi Rs 15000-20000

What You Should Know About Maine Coon Price in India

  • It is not as simple as it seems to be to keep a pet or become a pet owner. When you want to adopt an animal or become a pet owner, there are a few things you need to know first.
  • You will have to pay special attention to the nutrition of the MaineCoon cat. You have to follow a proper diet plan for your kitty; otherwise, it may become overweight.
  • In addition to taking care of your cat’s health, you will need to train it in the appropriate workouts.
  • Being a heavy and big cat, it can also sabotage things, you have to take care that there is no such thing around it, due to which it can get hurt.
  • She enjoys interactive play and will engage with family and friends. You must provide an environment in which everyone loves it and it may be joyful and keep growing.

Maine Coon’s Common Health Issues

All cats, just like humans, have the capacity to acquire hereditary health issues. Generally, healthy Maine coon cats live about 10-13 years. Maine Coons have certain genetic health concerns that might be concerning, particularly if you are not careful about where you buy from. 

Maine coons can acquire joint problems such as arthritis or hip dysplasia because of their enormous height. According to researchers, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and dental disease are commonly found in this breed.

If you notice any unwanted changes in your pet’s health, then consult a pet doctor immediately.

Fun Facts of Maine Coon cat

  • The Maine coon is the only long-haired cat breed native species of the United States.
  • Maine Coons have natural physical adaptations that help to survive in heavy snow.
  • The official state of Maine coon breeds is Maine.
  • The Guinness Book of World Records named a Maine coon in Italy the world’s largest domestic cat in 2018, unseating the previous record holder, who was also a Maine coon.
  • Mrs. Norris was portrayed by a female Maine coon named Pebbles in the Harry Potter film series.
  • For more than a decade, Maine coons have held the title for the longest domestic cat.


Are Maine coon kittens for sale in Kerala?

ROYAL KERALA is the top Maine Coon Cattery in Kerala and India. They claim that all of our kittens are WCF registered and Our breeding pairs have won International Cat Shows.

Are Maine Coon cats high maintenance?

Maine Coons are a large & bold breed, but they are not more difficult to maintain.

Are Maine Coons good for beginners?

Yes, as a beginner, you may adopt this breed but only if you take care of the necessary information about this breed.

Are Maine Coon cats aggressive?

Maine Coon cats are not naturally aggressive although they will become aggressive if they feel uncomfortable or disturbed.

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