5 Strange Dog Behaviors That Need Your Attention

If you’re a dog owner, you have probably seen your dog go through weird behavioral phases and specific quirks that have not faded over time. 

While certain behavior is somewhat ordinary for dogs to exhibit, you may be becoming worried about odd behavior such as your dog barking in crate at night or eating poop suddenly.

Running in Their Sleep

If your dog runs and barks during its sleep or nap, it is probably experiencing vivid dreams. An easy way to tell this is if you see rapid eye movement happening behind closed lids while they’re sleeping.

Rarely, dogs may also experience seizures during their sleep. If your dog is experiencing violent shaking or is rigid throughout, you should immediately consult a vet.

Excess Spinning in Circles 

Dogs occasionally spin excitedly when they’re happy or hyper. They also circle before they settle down to sleep. However, if your dog is spinning excessively and at a fast speed, it may be due to an infection or health problem.

Inner ear infections or seizures may be why your dog has suddenly started to spin or circle. A vet will help you figure out whether this is a normal habit or if your dog is experiencing any underlying health issues.

Dog Barking in Crate at Night

Dogs barking may be due to external factors such as becoming too excited or sensing an outsider’s presence. However, if your dog is barking excessively in its crate at night, it’s not only a hindrance to you but to your neighbors as well.

You may train your dog to stop barking when they’re in their crate or observe whether they’re in pain or uncomfortable due to the crate itself. This type of behavior may pass with time as well. 

Increased Aggressiveness and Violence

Many times, dogs can get aggressive or violent when they’re playing with you. It is not out of habit for them and can be attributed to becoming too hyper while playing.

However, your dog also may show increasingly hostile and violent behavior towards you and other people for no reason. It can be due to fear, frustration, or an underlying illness. 

Only by observing their surroundings and what triggers them to behave in such a way will you understand why aggression is present.

Eating Poop

While many dogs routinely eat their poop, as well as other animals’ poop, it can be unhygienic and unhealthy for both you and your dog. If your dog eats poop and vomits straight after, it’s very likely that they’re sick or suffering from a deficiency.

To root out the cause of them eating poop, make sure that their diet is not lacking in any way, and also see when they are most likely to eat poop. It may also be a habitual phase that your dog will grow out of.

Observe Your Dog to Make Sure Nothing Is Wrong

Not all habits and behavior your dog shows can be categorized as strange or weird, but sometimes, your dog may be trying to tell you of a health issue through their behavior, whether it is dog barking in the crate at night or digging in the backyard. 

To find out if your dog is healthy, you should always be on the lookout to see if they’re behaving out of character or if they have suddenly started doing something new. 

When you’re vigilant about your dog’s behaviors, you will be able to notice if there is anything wrong with them. With correct training, you will also be more likely to control and calm your dog during weird behavioral phases.

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