Is Multibank Group A Good Company? Read Traders Union’s Review & Find Out For Yourself!

When we contact a multibank group we found that the offer was obtained only at the registration time otherwise, there is no information about the trading term, funds withdrawal, and also have no contract for all trading assets. 

Top Customers Reviews by Traders Union:-

There are some top customers Multibank reviews by traders union:

Reason 1:-

It isn’t a broker; it’s a bucket shop. Multibank is not affiliated with the United States. Licensees are German, Australian, and offshore companies.

Reason 2:-

A second review is that a well-known broker wouldn’t create a regular website. You can leverage up 500:1.

  • Where is the information about order execution policies? 
  • Can the broker create a website similar to a regular website?

Reason 3:-

The last flourish! The broker warns clients that scalping is prohibited.

This platform makes algorithmic trading impossible. I had no issues with other brokers. Support informed me that my code was not working correctly. This spread is false

Expert Reviews By Traders Union:-

Multibank Group is a group that initially makes an impression on you. The offer is only available at registration. There are no details about trading terms. The trading terms are not favorable. Spreads are higher than the market average, with a minimum deposit requirement of $50. To get a competitive spread on ECN accounts, deposit $1,000 or more.

Improve Metatrader platform have been failed:-

The technical side is also slowing down. There have been no attempts to offer Metatrader platform users upgrade. Traders claim that it is sometimes not possible to add custom indicators to Metatrader platforms or Expert Advisors to them. The social trading platform is also suspect. Based on the nature of equity, some results appear to be “drawn”. It is difficult to verify the results as there are not detailed statistics about transactions, strategies descriptions, or traders’ contacts. Investor passwords can also not be obtained because of this. There is no record of an individual manager’s account.

No protection contract:-

This is not about protecting traders’ interests. The Client Agreement does not include the licenses listed on the website. The ASIC has set the maximum leverage in CFD trading at 1:30 in 2020. Similar restrictions are also in place in Europe. Multibank Group offering leverage of 1:500 violates European law.

Final verdicts:-

Here we can saw Multibank does not provide any information about trading terms and fund withdrawal. A broker cannot make a regular website. There is no licenses list on the website. So the multibank group is not a good company.

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