5 Smart Website Lead Generation Tips for Business Success

Almost 80% of marketers say that getting quality leads is a top priority.

A working website lead generation strategy is essential to having a functioning business. It takes the stress out of running a business. You don’t need to chase leads to make your numbers at the then of each month.

All it takes is a smart lead generation strategy. If you want to know how to get more leads, keep reading.

These are the top lead generation tips to put into action.  

1. Create Landing Pages

Business owners spend thousands each month on website traffic. They direct all traffic to the home page of the site and expect people to call them.

That’s not how lead generation works.

You need to have a landing page set up specifically for leads. The purpose of the web page is to validate the click. A person knows they’re in the right place and they’ll find what they need.

A landing page should be simple and direct. Make sure it’s optimized for performance to maximize conversions.

2. Qualify Leads

Do you have a method to qualify leads? Your sales team ends up chasing people that aren’t a great fit for your business.

Set up an application form on your site. Ask them key questions such as their budget, commitment, and willingness to start now.

It helps your sales team know which leads to pursue now and which ones aren’t ready now.

3. Have Clear Calls to Action

If you want to improve website lead generation, you need clear directions on your website. A website that tells people to buy now and sign up and schedule an appointment will confuse them.

They’ll end up taking no action on your site.

Each page of your website should have one clear call to action. For instance, blog posts can encourage people to download a white paper. Product pages should get people to buy.

4. Use Tracking

How do you know what lead generation tactics work? Measure your results.

Make sure you track your traffic, traffic sources, and conversions. A/B test ads and landing pages to optimize your results.

You can use IP tracking to learn more about your visitors. This guide at canddi.com shows you how to do that.

5. Follow Up as Soon as Possible

The longer it takes to follow up with a qualified lead, the harder it is to close them. Have a CRM system to notify sales reps when to follow up with leads.

It’s not enough to follow up only one time. It can take a lead between 5-8 touches before they buy. Be persistent and those leads will become customers. 

Website Lead Generation Tips

Your website is the one area where you get quality leads. It takes a smart website lead generation strategy.

These lead generation tips help you create the best strategy possible. Be sure to put them into place to get the best results.

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