5 Reasons to Become a Professional Truck Driver

It’s all over the news—there is a truck driver shortage. Are you thinking about becoming a truck driver? If so, this is a great career with awesome benefits.

Truck driving jobs are in high demand right now. Keep reading to learn the five reasons you should consider when deciding if this is the right career for you.

1. Great Pay

A truck driving career is known to have a great starting salary with excellent growth potential. Your pay varies depending on if you are an owner/operator or work for other some large shipper such as Walmart or Amazon.

The average base salary for a professional truck driver in the U.S. is $71,830. Remember, this does vary, but with the truck driver shortage, finding a job with great pay will not be impossible, and the great pay can give you the freedom you’ve always wanted—see more here.

2. Quick Training

Training can be a scary prospect if you want to change careers. However, if you want to consider truck driving jobs, you can get paid and work quickly.

On average, getting your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) takes around seven weeks to complete. There may be various requirements depending on where you work after training, but you do not have to spend years preparing for a new career.

You can learn on the road and start earning quickly.

3. Freedom

The open road is calling your name, and it’s hard to beat the feeling of freedom. Many find it both therapeutic and liberating to hit the open road. You can listen to the music you want to listen to, and take breaks when you want to.

If you want independence and variety in your work schedule, trucking jobs deliver on this new freedom. Truck driving could be your next calling.

4. Adventure

Do you find it hard to sit around and stay in the same place? If you want to explore and meet new people, you may want to consider truck driving. Depending on your job selection, you can travel and see new places from the Rockies to the shores of the Atlantic.

Getting out and seeing our great country while being paid is a great way to satisfy your need for adventure.

5. Job Stability

Along with the great benefits and pay, most owner-operators do not have any trouble finding loads. You will always have work if you want it in the trucking industry, and with today’s shortage, you won’t be worried about finding work after training.

As the demand for truck drivers continues to increase, you will have several growth opportunities throughout your career.

Want to Become a Truck Driver?

If read these reasons and decide you want to be a truck driver, you have selected a great career with excellent pay, freedom, adventure, and stability. It’s time to get truckin’ on that new career, and now is one of the best times to enter the trucking industry.

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