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What can I achieve with an ACCA qualification?

An ACCA qualification once acquired can open doors to several career opportunities within the international business platform.

In this blog post, we have listed the valuable advantages that you can leverage as an ACCA accountant, feeling all the more confident about your future.

Extend your academic career

And after qualification can help you continue with your studies allowing you to reach the top by acquiring an MBA degree.

This can help you land senior manager real job roles such as senior financial analyst or chief financial officer.

You can also choose to combine your accounting qualification with popular law degrees to further your career within the legal field.

Acquiring the chartered financial analyst [CFA] qualification to land potential rules within the field of corporate banking, risk management, consulting, and asset management.

Become an entrepreneur or freelancer

The primary advantage of acquiring an ACCA qualification is to be able to work on your terms, once you have gathered substantial experience.

You can execute your accounting skills solo and work for private clients and industries from around the globe.

Kick starts your professional journey with a bang!

There’s a huge demand for qualified accountants within business organisations to need financial experts to carry out different kinds of business operations.

Some of the job rules that you can aim to take up, but they are a qualification includes:

  • Auditor
  • Tax specialist
  • Corporate treasurer
  • Chief financial officer
  • Management accountant
  • Finance director
  • Financial accountant
  • Forensic accountant
  • Fund accountant
  • Finance manager
  • Finance controller

Weigh up your options

Considering core accounting roles only can shorten the list of job profiles that you can go hunt for.

Qualifying the belt can help you work your way up to more senior roles within the finance industry, taking you a step closer to running your department.

You will be efficient at keeping an eye on the job market, making sure that you are highly confident and have a great chance of success.

Make your resume globally recognised

As a full-time marker member, you’ll be able to back up your name with specialised skills and expertise.

The complete recognition in around 180 operating countries will give you access to a range of continuing professional development (CPD) resources to polish the business skills that you already possess.

If you are feeling headstrong about getting good grades in your ACCA examination, then you must check out our professional ACCA preparatory course offered in London.

The flexibility offered by the courts will allow you to continue with your accounting studies without having to compromise on your current employment.

This is probably the best way out there to help you stay relevant and maintain a competitive edge in a different industry or pick up a new job role.

For more information on affordable subscriptions and techniques that can help you upscale or broaden your knowledge reach out to our admissions office to discover all the lucrative opportunities that are out there!

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